What's the Biggest Lie People Still Believe?

All men were created equal.

Climate change will cause X billion deaths in X years

All you need is love.

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#1: Voting for your masters is democracy.

#2: Til death do us part.


OK I’ll bite. That orange :tangerine: dickhead won the US election.


The world is flat

If I always give 100% at work, never be sick, don’t take all my holidays and work overtime, the company will eventually recognise and reward me.


God created men, and Sam Colt made them equal.

This is why gun control is at the center piece of every government.

FIFY. It’s actually not that fast.

The American Dream.
Also the lottery. Who actually wins? I keep telling my wife the only way to win is to take that 100$ a week and put in into an account instead of buying a ticket.


Almost every single person in my family that immigrated to the US became millionaires in a single generation. I’ve seen enough immigrant friends and families generate tremendous wealth in a single generation. Its a lie because it’s not a dream. It’s real if you work hard and make the right decisions


Cannabis is a gateway drug.


Yeah many decades ago sure.

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sometimes it’s luck.

Sure I could work hard, get paid, become financially independent (if not wealthy)

Until government thugs come and steal what you worked so hard to earn and kick you back to your country.

Nah. I keep touch with most of my friends growing up in the Taiwanese and Korean immigrant community. They all went into STEM or finance. Easily 6 figure jobs in medical, banking/finance, data sciences, statistics, information technology, entrepreneurs. They’re all doing well. I was just talking to one now about which Rolex he will give to his father for this birthday.

Make the right decisions and grind in the right field. You will be rich.


Luck always help. But on a long enough timeline, right decisions and hard work in the right field pays off. These are guys the native born American kids used to clown on as book nerds. They sacrificed their Friday nights studying instead of going to party. It’s great to see them succeed.

Money isn’t everything though. Some people succeed in other ways. But wealth is definitely attainable in the US.

Yea, it just depends if you got robbed along the way too. If you get robbed then all that hard work amounts to nothing. Made me feel that I should have just partied all day back then since the result would have been exactly the same.

This is also why Africa does so poorly. Why work hard when you’ll just get robbed?

Anything is possible if you want to grind hard and you got the mind to never give up. I was so depressed this spring because my banking internship was pulled for the summer. That was the kind of internship at a major bank that leads to a life changing job in banking.

What did I do? I was pissed and sad for a while. Then I picked myself up and me and lily started to come up with a business using the 1200 stimulus and a bit of our savings.

We started maybe 2 months ago with 0 followers, now we have almost 5k. We just started to sell our ebook and made pretty decent money. And we should officially launch our product line next week. I’m juggling this while doing a full time masters program and studying for the CFA 1 exam.

This is what you got to do. I haven’t had a day off. I go to class, study, do something for the business and sleep. Repeat. The question is, are you willing to do this? Stay up and call factories in asian at night or early mornings. Handle clients, finances, book keeping, marketing, website management. While doing a full time masters and studying for a CFA exam?


I hate you.


Iced food and drinks are bad for you.


That the US was founded as a democracy with equality for all