What's the name of that Sandalwood shower gel...?

Some 17 years ago when I first arrived in Taiwan I stayed in a crappy old alley house in Taichung with a rather odd bunch of people.

Anyways, after a long flight, and a drive from then CKS International Airport, I was unceremoniously dropped off with my bags at the door to the house.

First thing I wanted was a hot shower. And I climbed right in. There was some sandalwood shower gel, and it smelled awesome.

That smell will always remind me of arriving in the Orient, and 17 years later, here in Vietnam, waiting for things to settle so I can move back to Taiwan, I want to get my paws on that sandalwood shower gel.

Would it perhaps be this brand: Bioaqua sandalwood oil shower gel? (costs NT$1000 on tiki.vn)

I guess we’ll never know, but I will say, I want a bottle of this sandalwood oil shower gel.

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It was widely available in Carrefours and Watsons. Sure it still is.

I might just settle for some Old Spice Timber Sandalwoody stuff, at a fraction of the cost.


Yeah, but not available here I guess? Anyway, I have a mission now for when I’m out on the streets: find sandlewood scented bath products.

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Same mission as me - day off tomorrow, plenty of free time. Will work the streets of my town.

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Never seen sandalwood soap but the scent’s not hard to come by. I think the default scent of most of the incense here is sandalwood.

Makes your bathroom smell like a Turkish bordello, includes amber and cedarwood oil, and only costs $139 at Watsons. Mission accomplished


That’s the good stuff!


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Any sentence that contains, “Turkish bordello” gets an instant like.

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I think it is officially called, " l’Eau d’hippie" !!

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Next issue - Uncle Captain Roger is only firing up the fishing boat for a cross-strait visit when all this COVID nonsense is done and dusted.

So I need to order off Tiki/Shoppee/Lazada - but cannot find la!

Can only find the Palmolive Luminous Oils range on the above (and in the shops) - decent stinky stuff - almost as good as a Turkish whor…Bath House day out.

But. But. But I need that scent of Taiwan Day 1.

Can anyone find the linkylinks - I’m stuck in Vietnam.


So, friends, any idea on how to order this in Vietnam?

Will only be back in Taiwan when things are back to normal.