What's the nature of the "garbage truck announcements"?

Every so often the sing-song garbage trucks play some (presumably prerecorded) message in Chinese between the ice cream truck tunes…

I haven’t recorded one to ask specifically what it says, but am curious what the general nature of these messages are. Weather warnings? Changes in schedule? Propaganda? “You look lovely today thanks for waiting in the rain for the garbage truck”?

Does it vary by district/city?

Bring out your dead.


Monday’s and Thursday’s…only one per household.

The messages sound different each time though, and I only hear them make announcements every so often.

It’s really just garbage schedules? So boring…

I was hoping “island China is the best China” or something spicy



It’s today’s specials

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In our hood they carry banners, announcing activities like performances, blood drives, vaccination campaign, etc.

I think this is it. The recycling trucks that accompany the larger general waste garbage trucks do designate certain days of the week for certain types of recyclables. I would expect the announcements are reminders of what the “special (pickup) of the day” happens to be.

But if you can upload a recording of one of these, that would be helpful

He’s talking about the garbage trucks here. Not the ones in Wuhan.


Today in Taipei there was an announcement recorded by mayor Ko P himself giving public health advice regarding the corona virus.