What's the technical marketing term for the 7-11 facade?

You know, that long plastic sign with colored stripes on it that tells you it is a 7-11? (Or the equivalent for other franchises.)

Anybody remember? The Muses will be grateful.

Branding? Logo?

Corporate identity system

Illuminated acrylic corporate identity store-front sign on fabricated panel?

What are you talking about?



High-visibility static brand-conveyance system.

haha i graduated with a marketing degree and know i didn’t retain as much knowledge as i should, but even this question baffles me. either i really wasted my education, or this question is obviously…confusing. :frowning:

i’m really going to ponder this one; prove my education!!!

Light box.

Ad dildo.

my bet is “store front signage” using standard company CIS (corporate identity system)

Corporate visual identity

dunno. storefront signage sounds good. so what is it called?


Ah, thanks everybody. None of these is the word I was trying to remember (if indeed I am remembering anything at all).

What I mean is…okay, a 7-11 is basically just a concrete box with some extra stuff (such as lightboxes) added to the outside to brand it as part of the franchise. What’s the technical marketing term for all that extra stuff? (I might just go with “facade.”)

I was gonna say “facade,” but you just did. False front? Is it called the same thing that those set fronts are called in Hollywood–whatever you call those things! I think you’re right, there’s an actual term, but I can’t remember if it’s “facade,” or something else. Hmm. This is the kind of thing that makes me nutts.

From www.thefreedictionary.com

fa·çade also fa·cade (f-säd)

  1. The face of a building, especially the principal face.
  2. An artificial or deceptive front: ideological slogans that were a façade for geopolitical power struggles.

“signage” seems better.

Standard franchise signage package?

I want to say “trade dress” but that’s a bit too general. (Usually refers to packaging.)