What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?

I just want to be able to tell people where to go (shush, that’s not what I mean) to experience the very BEST damned burger (traditional hamburger, minor variations acceptable). My motivations are twofold: One, to go enjoy a nice one (hopefully at a reasonable price), and two, to be able to point locals in the right direction (enlightenment) when they tell me that they like McDonald’s :noway: . My theory is that after they eat a real burger, they’ll reach a new level in which they understand exactly how F-ing BAD McD’s really is. Your recommendations please!

Carnegies has great burgers

Q-bar as well (If it’s still there. It’s been a while since I have been up there)

DB: Try reading [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/cheeseburgers-in-taiwan/7176/1 thread.[/url]
There are some excellent recommendations in there.
My personal top 3 places that I can think of to have a burger are Bongos, The Diner and Carnegies.
Burgers have certainly come a long way here I think.

I like bongos because of the cheese after bongos I’ll have to say Diner which is easier to get a seat in. I have a friend who raves about the q-bar I have not yet had their burger but their buffalo wings were good.

Overall if it’s just taste I’ll say Bongos has the best burgers in town.

Malibu West

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Since the last thread , where Josefus is refering too, time went by and I made a new discovery.
Not a place where you would go,or think of but the DAMN best Ham-(cheese) burger with all toppings served AS MUST DO , was in the new hotel “Miramar garden” on the corner of Civic boulevard and the Jianguo X-press way. DAMN it was good. I go back soon… was around 250-300 Nt, and the French fries were also the BEST ever had her in Taipei.
You know that you mostly feel stuffed after a big portion of Burger, but not there. I did not felt overdone, even though it sure was at least a quaterpounder…

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Different people have different requirements in their burgers,so it’s a difficult call. JBs deserves a mention, not least because of their home-baked rolls, the Diner is high on my list right now because it’s generally just good, but in particular because it’s served lightly cooked, although I realize this might not be to everyone’s taste (they’re also only too happy to accommodate your personal menu demands).
Carnegie’s does a very good burger, the Tavern (come to Daniel Pearl Day on Saturday and try for yourself).
Really, the ONLY thing you can do is a RichardM, and go on a personal quest for the greatest burger. Only then can you be sure.

I’m sure a lot of people won’t agree, but I really love the MOS burgers.


Yes, very good, but not as good as The Diner. The Diner is the best burger I’ve had. Q Bar also ranks up there. Haven’t had Bongos.


sandman is correct… taste is subjective. I think the best you can do is make a list of places with very good burgers and then maybe indicate the location and a note or two regarding each burger.

Gosh, this is serious business. :slight_smile:

The best burgers are the ones you make yourself, particularly if you whack them on a barbeque afterwards.

Do a search on the internet for the best homemade burger recipes. It’s worth it!

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Iv always found the hamburger at the Grand Hotel cafe on the second floor to be superb. Dont know if it still is tho? been awhile since iv eaten there. The steak sandwhich as well is superb as is the coffee. Would appreciate an update anyone?

The one I had at Bongos is definitely the best I’ve had in Taipei. In a lot of other places also.

I love Bongos but must confess to a little bout of boiling stomach after my last visit there. What about Taipei Sports Bar? Is that still open?

That could have resulted from a number of things not at all related to Bongos.

Nope, I don’t think so.
But I could be wrong.

I’m not talking about the toppings or condiments. And I’m not talking Mickey-D’s or Hungry Jacks - I love the Golden Arches too but let’s face it, the McD burger is actually in a phylum of its own. I’m talking about the essential ingredients - the burger itself plus a bun, and if there’s something special to be said, the cheese. I’ve had it up to HERE with these fake bread-burgers made of beef-ooze. Forkers? No. KGB? No, sorry, yummy but no. Carnegies - ditto: it’s big and cooked right, but the meat’s a bready macedoine of poo-beef.

My vote goes to Gordon Biersch because it’s 100% beef, it’s huge, they cook it right (with the exception of one night out of the 20 when our table received essentially cook-sealed raw beef) with a tasty bun.

Second place is Dan Ryans, they do it right every time, and coming in third I have a tie between the Outback Mad Max (Aussie in name only, the burger’s a-Murkin like the company itself) and a little place behind the Matsusei behind the Sherwood called “Bravo Burger” - the guy learned in the USA, he’s one slow motha-f’ing cook, but he does an excellent job. Evan clocks in 4th for me.

In the US there’s an upscale steakhouse chain called Morton’s, and they do a US$18 lunch burger that uses ground steak meat. Now if I could find one here…

Anyone got any better ideas?

Dan Ryan’s is great. Probably my favorite western restaurant in Taiwan!

California Grill gets my vote.

But we go to Jerry’s across from Grandma Nitty’s the most because it’s closer. Great burger and very cheap.