What's with the music?

Have you ever watched a CSB political speech? As he’s standing on the stage making his speeches, there’s tacky “dramatic” music playing in the background. It’s not dubbed on during the TV broadcast; it’s actually playing on site.

What’s with the music?

it makes what he is saying more “dramatic,” as if politics in taiwan weren’t dramatic enough lol.

my god it’s so cheesy. presumably it really does help them gain votes, no one has ever seriously questioned that the dpp knew what they were doing in that department.

Like kissing babies and hugging children, it works. It elevates the speaker and keeps the observers focused on the event. Like waving flags in America. “Hey! Apathetic masses! I’m here!”
People who’ve been working all day and go to a rally need more than a speech. Now, why his campaign choses that type of music is what you really want to know. I’d say it is just a matter of preference/consensus?

Whenever my students put on plays, they add “background music” (in order to compensate for the lack of drama, I surmise).

If politicians ever tried “sound trucks” back home, they’d not only lose, but people would probably shoot at the trucks.