Whats YOUR guilty pleasure film/tv/Internet?

What is lofi girl? Given the girl volley ball thing, I am reluctant to google this one on a work device. Pardon my ignorance/caution. :slight_smile:

Is it music, gaming, other? General age range?

It’s safe for work. My kids listen to it.
Has all kinds of theme music and videos. The videos are like on some 30-second loop, so like a continuous cartoon of scenery.

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This Old Tony

It’s boring but there’s something soothing about the way that it’s filmed.

So do I. Great chill background music for reading, etc.

Looking back, that show was never good, though it used to be watchable for the lolz. It’s always been ridiculously soapy but takes itself very seriously. At least with things like Desperate Housewives they know it’s silly and lean into it. Shonda Rhimes is such a hack.

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My guilty pleasure on the interwebs?

F large

So many comments in this thread reminded me of it!

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