Whats YOUR guilty pleasure film/tv/Internet?

you know how some films or shows are so bad that theyre kind of amusing to watch? or how some things are just completely honest about how little its trying to accomplish but just has that one factor to keep your attention? how those films or shows may not usually be considered good (or of quality), but you go for it anyway, and then can’t help but feel a little embarrassed or slightly guilty afterwards?

its how I kind of feel for the following:

  • transformers: revenge of the fallen (2009); lousy story, but c’mon. giant robot battles and even larger explosions. plain ole silly action and flashy cg. nice.

  • fast five (2011); they know they arent gonna win a best picture oscar. so they dont even try. fast cars, fast action and lots of guns and stuff. lovely.

  • ocean’s thirteen (2007); the third in a trilogy. they dont try to be groundbreaking or overly dramatic or try to impress the audience by “smart” plot twists that will turn out a stretch. its easy, breezy, fun, and has pretty faces in it. nothing more. and thats just fine.

  • grey’s anatomy; no idea. its an enigma. this aint breaking bad, or dexter, or earlier seasons of 24, or mad men. but sandra oh’s performance is actually pretty fantastic.

House…It’s Lupus

How I met jo mama

Project Runway…Desiiiiiiiigneeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrzzz!

Braindead (A.K.A. Dead Alive, 1992) - I know it’s a B movie, but it has epic scenes and lines of dialog: “I kick ass for the Lord!”, “Your mother ate my dog!” “[about to charge at the zombies with a hoisted lawnmover] Party’s over!”. i think that the Lawnmover scene is the most bloody scene in all the history of cinema (there’s so much blood it’s ludicrous, but oh, how I like that scene!). Plus the zombie lungs and guts are awesome. Peter Jackson at his best. I totally recommend it (but you don’t want to eat anything while watching it) :stuck_out_tongue:

I adore B-films… I could also mention “the lair of the white worm”, an adapted Bram Stoker’s vampire story with a VERY young Hugh Grant starring on it.

Then there’s ACCIÓN MUTANTE, the first long film from Alex de la Iglesia. It’s an awesome ludicrous spanish sci-fi cyberpunk film. Totally recommended, as is the next film from Alex, The Day of the Beast.

Watch them, you’ll like it.

Watched Battleship just the other day and it’s so bad. I liked it a lot.


Anything with Marilyn Chambers in it

Anything which is posted in the below 3 similar threads regarding “movies” “TV series” and “movie favorite moments”…
don’t see the need for a 4th thread unless guilty refers to “guilty as sin” :ponder: Then I vote Lucy Thai anno 2007

Links for non guilty pleasures :thumbsup:

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see, ceevee369, everyone has a different guilty pleasure. something that they feel they shouldn’t like, that is out of their character to enjoy, or that just seems somewhat unreasonable on paper for a certain film or show to be attractive, and as a result they feel guilt for watching it, and likely embarrassed to admit that they do.

take how i met your mother for example. to me that show would not be a guilty pleasure. I wouldnt feel guilt or embarrassment for liking that show. most people that I know of enjoy it when they see it, and it isn’t out of character if I liked it. it doesnt have superior cinematography or elaborate plot twists, but its a sitcom and therefore entitled to a different standard in which we would view the show. hence the lack of guilt or embarrassment. but it’s apparently different for Icon. for her own unknown reason, she feels she isn’t supposed to like it, or it isn’t normal for people in her situation to enjoy it, but she does regardless. that would be her guilty pleasure.

honestly I dont even get why house would be a guilty pleasure (critically acclaimed, award-winning writing and acting), but thats the thing about it - its different for everyone. Icon has her own reasons why she feels out of place for loving house.

heres another example. kids or the general audiences would have no problem loving transformers 2 or feel any shame in liking it. but being involved in the film industry and many of my friends just sticking with serious dramatic films or independent art house films while avoiding popcorn flicks like transformers 2, my friends would expect me to be the same and see little value in wasting time watching stuff that is under-plotted, has unremarkable acting, and is just plain noisy. I should be watching citizen kane for the 23rd time but instead Im watching transformers 2. its out of place for my character. hence the emotion of slight embarrassment and even a little guilt for enjoying it.

like if I were to watch project runway and enjoy it, that would be another guilty pleasure for me. but I dont watch that show. my sister does, but to her project runway is not a guilty pleasure, because the show is targeted for her demographic - women (or some men) who care about clothing. therefore she does not feel there’s something out of place for liking it.

another rule of thumb: if a film or show is not made to target your demographic and you enjoy it, it is likely (not always, but likely) a guilty pleasure for you.

I see. So this is where I fess up that I like to watch the Power Puff Girls?

Thanks Rock to enlighten me. Got your point now.

Well, in that case I’d say that my guilty pleasure is limited watching the momo shopping channel.
I know I won’t buy a thing but the utter crappy style how they try to sell stuff makes me standing perplex - as loosing precious minutes of my life while I could do something much more meaningful.

No guilty pleasures what so ever of any movie - TV series watched. I leave the crap untouched.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet, and I am a little embarrassed to be recommending it. It’s juvenile, it’s gross and yet…hilarious.

Raffy the brother-in-law takes the cake (“It’s a murder-boner”), but they are all just so great. You don’t need to be a fan of the NFL or Fantasy Leagues to get in on the action. It’s fast and riveting. Just so much sophomoric humour, I can’t stop watching it.

That was the most ridiculous movie EVER. I loved it. :blush:

I especially loved the bit where they dragged the USS Missouri out of mothballs and sunk the alien mothership. Dumb aliens didn’t see the old drop-anchor-and-presto-instant-broadside trick, now did they? HAH …Even though it was the STUPIDEST movie scene of all time, surely. :fume:

Bob’s burgers…disgusting and yet

Grave dig.
Didn’t want to start new thread.
On dummy FB account, I every so often get short reels of Korean female volleyball players doing funny whacky stuff during time-outs or while not at games.
One of them dances quite well for a giraffe. I’m keeping mum on her name for now.

Films: The Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls

TV shows: America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, The Amazing Race, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, Friends, Downton Abbey

None of them are that bad (except Grey’s Anatomy, intolerable show) tbh so they aren’t really guilty per se.


Ah…the golden age of porn
The Devil in Miss Jones - Wikipedia

Boring as hell. :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: I’d rather watch logs burning than that shiiiite.

Lol. Grey’s Anatomy.
Hasn’t it covered every imaginable disease, emergency room incident, etc. That show jumped the shark a long time ago.

A bad guilty TV pleasure was watching Hawaii Five-0, the second run, with my brother and my kids. We watched it to laugh at the stupidest storylines they could come up with. Worst one was Russian sub showing up on Waikiki Beach. Yeah, let Steve McGarrett solve that problem.

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Objectively better than most anything on TV. Except, I must admit my guilty pleasure as well. The log burning channel on at Christmas in canada recently. when my parents moved into a condo and didn’t have a real fire place. It was still often the best thing on TV :sweat_smile:

90 Day Fiance


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My children play Lofi Girl (Lofi-Girl) on YouTube when need mellow music for an hour or so.