What's your motto?

Mine is a mixture of ancient wisdom from my clan.

From my father; ‘Watch those parkin’ metres, kid…’ and my cousin Jim; ‘TWAAAAAT IT! Now hide.’

What about y’all?

“Keep the fresh boogers in a separate compartment, otherwise they’ll spoil the roquefort” has always served me well in my day to day meanderings.

“Live it, or live with it.” from the Firesign Theater.

“When in Rome, do the Romans.”

Ew, that makes me faintly queasy.

Nice, Dr McCoy.

“Everything is relative, even macaroni”

An old man once said to to a Jewish friend, many years ago, “Money can’t buy you a Jewish Christmas.” Still don’t know what this means. Clearly it was his motto. By the way, he said this after warning us about the dangers of black people, and praising Reagan as the greatest president ever. He was a kook.

My motto is more like “Sacred cows make the best hamburger.”

Rather than ponder this all day, I’ll just ask. What?

Rather than ponder this all day, I’ll just ask. What?[/quote]

Oh, so now it has to make sense as well, you never said that. You can’t just go around changing the rules like that :rant:

And no, I don’t really know what it means, it’s something I picked up back home many a moons ago…

My old man always used to say “The head under your arm and your arm in a leash” doesn’t translate that well, but supposedly it’s got something to do with being forgetful, or something…

No! No at all. Just thought I might have been missing something obvious. It’s certainly one to live by.

You get what you settle for.

Buy low, and hold for a very long time.


I have two.
“You think you’re the first cunt I’ve run up against today?”
“If you can read this you’re too fuckin close.”

If it’s got tits or wheels, it’s gonna give you a problem.

Most of forumosa, then?

If you can’t make it; fake it. Maybe you’ll get it.

Most of forumosa, then?[/quote]

Just a redneck gem from my dad. He also said, “Don’t bring home any watermelons.” Those were his wise words encouraging me to practice safe sex.

"Smile, life could be worse!’’…

So I did, and it was.

Nah seriously- “Who Dares Wins”, for certain reasons, has been my motto. Learned that one whilst serving in the military. (Edited for Chief’s sake)

“D’abord, if faut d’endurer”