What's your plan on Moon Festival?

【Activity in Hsinchu】

Moon Festival is coming in September.
Are you have any plans ?
Will you BBQ with your friends like most Taiwanese often do ?
Will you join a pretty long queue to buy moon cake ?

We will have an activity on August 31.
We will teach you how to make pineapple cake,traditional Taiwanese pastries.
We divide everyone into four groups with 2 people each.

If you are going to take part in the activity alone,you will meet someone and make it together. I think you two will cultivate good friendships.

If you and your friend come to join us,you two will have a special memory.

Let’s play together !

For details, please refer to the following URL .


Just when I fixed my crown … mooncake day :cold_sweat:

Fixed your crown ? What do you mean by that?


Sounds bad. Because we usually pig out on Fefestivals.

Play Moon Shadow by cat Stevens

I might go to Taipei so I can get drunk in a park instead of at home
Yay an extra day to get drunk
I swear moon festival used to be more than one day though

The day after dragon boat festival annually the countless choices of mooncakes galore are on mega sale again!

I enjoy the fresh fruits in September more than the full silvery moon on the sparkling water along the candlelit beach.

I haven’t heart this song before. But I found the song on youtube. Thank you for your recommendation. I will play the song at the BBQ party. I think it’s a good idea.

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Get drunk in a park? I think you will have more better choices in Taipei. Many activities in Taipei you could take part in. Anyway,have a wonderful holidays.

So romantic~ The fresh fruits in September? Do you mean the wendan ? What fruit do you like?