What's your plan on Moon Festival?

【Activity in Hsinchu】

Moon Festival is coming in September.
Are you have any plans ?
Will you BBQ with your friends like most Taiwanese often do ?
Will you join a pretty long queue to buy moon cake ?

We will have an activity on August 31.
We will teach you how to make pineapple cake,traditional Taiwanese pastries.
We divide everyone into four groups with 2 people each.

If you are going to take part in the activity alone,you will meet someone and make it together. I think you two will cultivate good friendships.

If you and your friend come to join us,you two will have a special memory.

Let’s play together !

For details, please refer to the following URL .


Just when I fixed my crown … mooncake day :cold_sweat:

Fixed your crown ? What do you mean by that?


Sounds bad. Because we usually pig out on Fefestivals.

Play Moon Shadow by cat Stevens

I might go to Taipei so I can get drunk in a park instead of at home
Yay an extra day to get drunk
I swear moon festival used to be more than one day though

The day after dragon boat festival annually the countless choices of mooncakes galore are on mega sale again!

I enjoy the fresh fruits in September more than the full silvery moon on the sparkling water along the candlelit beach.

I haven’t heart this song before. But I found the song on youtube. Thank you for your recommendation. I will play the song at the BBQ party. I think it’s a good idea.

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Get drunk in a park? I think you will have more better choices in Taipei. Many activities in Taipei you could take part in. Anyway,have a wonderful holidays.

So romantic~ The fresh fruits in September? Do you mean the wendan ? What fruit do you like?

hope ya’all had a nice moon festival. somehow i thought it was today, but was apparently friday !
well no wonder i saw a super big moon just as i was landing in oakland from kaui.
so that was my moon festival

i actually never liked the moon festival while in taiwan because it meant the END OF SUMMER. and the begining of WInter which in north tAiwan sucks.

Summer ROCKS.

The start of perfect weather in Taichung :wink:. Hope Hawaii was good .

as is tradition in chinese culture, for moon festival every year i go outside to point at the moon and eat no moon cakes.

I went over to Japan again. Had a great time there for the long weekend.

I think a large part of Taipei city did given how quiet it was the week before.

Yes thank you , perfect weather. Loved swimming in the ocean at waikiki.

Great hotel to recommend. about 220/night total, about par for the course at waikiki.

Hyatt Place ! Nice breakfast included. Nice five mins walk to waikiki beach and about 15 mins walk to major shopping mall.

On Kauai , recommend THE ISO , about 200/night total.


Decent continental bfast. Not far from airport. Beautiful view from rooms. Of the pool and the ocean barely 100feet away (closest rooms actually less than 50 feet from the waves !! A bit scary. Wouldn’t work in TAiwan being that close to the waves. a typhoon can come by and wipe you out.

My room was less than 100feet from the waves. I had trouble sleeping the two nights I was there.

Damn , I have a Gold Hyatt card … you could have had my points . Can’t afford to stay at them anymore , saving up for a round of drinks with @Brianjones :slightly_smiling_face: . Hopefully you get back to Taiwan for a holiday .


Aww nice of you
Wish I had known

Go there when you are up and about !!

The girls on the beach are cute

My only plan is to moon the moon.