Wheels Dilemma

I have a 2002 Giant TCR 2 and have recently started riding again after taking a few years off. It came equiped with the standard 53/39 front crankset and 12-25 cog. I’ve just spent $4,500 changing to a 50/34 front to give my knees a break, but I now have a new problem: I’ve put on a bunch of weight since I was riding last and am now too bloody heavy for my wheels!

The TCR has Mavic CXP 21, 32-hole and they max out at 100 or 105kg. I’m about 120kg right now so I need stronger wheels. Went by my local bike shop, but they weren’t very helpful. Basically told me to ride my mountain bike until I lost weight and was under 100kg. Are there any 36-hole rims available in Taiwan? Surely, there must be wheelsets for touring bikes or cyclocross that I could buy?

You can get 36 hole rims but, not very common. The max weight is a recommendation more to do with warranty validation and safe parameters, I think, within reason you will be ok to ride. In all fairness to the bike shop, it’s not a bad idea. Alternatively you could ride a stationary bike at the gym. Good one you for not giving up mate.

You’ll be fine, just don’t bomb down hills at more thanb50 kph.

Makes for nervous riding with all the pops and pings coming from the spokes; think I’ll have the wheels checked tomorrow, as some of the spokes seem a little loose on the back wheel.