When and how to contact the FAP (Foreign Affairs Police)

Foreign Affiars Police Contact Information in Taiwan

Units Address Tel. E-mail
Foreign Affairs Department, National Police Administration 7, Sec. 1, Chungshiao E. Road, Taipei City (02)23213175 npafad01@npa.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Police Corps, National Police Administration 7, Sec. 1, Chungshiao E. Road, Taipei City (02)23940238 service@npa.gov.tw
Alien Detention Center, National Police Administration 105, Tapu Road, Sanshia, Taipei County (02)26730091-3 service@npa.gov.tw
Section Four, Bureau of Immigration 15, Guangjou Street, Taipei City (02)23899983 foudi@ms1.immigration.gov.tw
Immigration Corps, Aviation Police Bureau 27, Hanching N. Road, Dayuan Shiang, Taoyuan County (03)3982243 eyes@dns.apb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Section, Aviation Police Bureau 27 Hanching N. Road, Dayuan Shiang, Taoyuan County (03)3982242 eyes@dns.apb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Section, Keelung Harbor Police Bureau 5-1, Chungcheng Road, Keelung City (02)24258461 adm2818@mail.klhph.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Section, Taichung Harbor Police Bureau 2, Chungheng 4th Road, Wuchi Jen,Taichung County (04)26565849 thpb0301@mail.thpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Section, Kaohsiung Harbor Police Bureau 24, Penglai Road, Kushan District, Kaohsiung City (07)5515183 p2715@mail.khb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Section, Hualien Harbor Police Bureau 13 Gangkou Road, Hualien City, Hualien County (03)8222701 mod@mail.hlhb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Taipei Municipal Police Department 96, Yanping S. Road, Taipei City (02)23817494 fad@webmail.tmpd.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Kaohsiung Municipal Police Department 260 Chungcheng 4th Road, Kaohsiung City (07)2215796 evb00@kmph.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Section, Taipei County Police Bureau 57 Mingchu Road, Panchiao City, Taipei County (02)29614809 tcp2122@tcpsung.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Ilan County Police Bureau 23, Weishui Road, Ilan City, Ilan County (039)353921 t004@imail.ilcpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Keelung City Police Bureau 205 Shin-Er Road, Keelung City (02)24252787 klcg2080@mail.tpg.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Taoyuan County Police Bureau 3, Shienfu Road, Taoyuan City, (03)3335107 tyhp14-3@mail.tyhp.gov.tw
Taoyuan County
Foreign Affairs Division, Hsinchu County Police Bureau 12, Kuanming Sixth Road, Tsubei City, Hsinchu County (035)557953 dragon0270@sinamail.com
Foreign Affairs Division, Hsinchu City Police Bureau 1, Chungshan Road, Hsinchu City (035)242103 1051@ems.hccg.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Miaoli County Police Bureau 2 Miaoli Fuchien Road, Miaoli City, Miaoli County (037)356950 m19905@ems.miaoli.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Taichung County Police Bureau 225, Chungshan Road, Fongyuan City, Taichung County (04)25285475 tcpa2122@dns.tcpa.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Taichung City Police Bureau 588, Sec. 2,Wenshin Road, Taichung City (04)23273875 tcpbbb01@mail.tpg.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Nantou County Police Bureau 669, Chungshin Road, Nantou City, Nantou County (049)2234302 fad@mail.ncpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Changhua County Police Bureau 778, Sec. 2, Chungcheng Road, Changhua City, Changhua County (04)27619872 jb01@ms1.chpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Yunlin County Police Bureau 100, Sec. 3, Dashiue Road, Yunlin City, Yunlin County (05)5329033 fap@mail.ylhpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Chiayi County Police Bureau 3, East Sec., Shianher 1st Road, Taipao City, Chiayi County (05)3620220 2074@m2.cypd.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Chiayi City Police Bureau 195, Chungshan Road, Chiayi City (05)2236695 mb01@mail.ccpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Tainan County Police Bureau 3, Chungcheng Road, Shinying City, Tainan County (06)6354531 foreignaffairs@mail.tncp.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Tainan City Police Bureau 37, Nanmen Road, Tainan City (06)2229704 tnc762@yahoo.com.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Kaohsiung County Police Bureau 388, Guangyuan Road, Fengshan City, Kaohsiung County (07)7452830 ki@mail.kcpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Pingtung County Police Bureau 119, Chungcheng Road, Pingtung City, Pingtung County (08)7336283 ptb001@ptpolice.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Hualien County Police Bureau 21, Fuchien Road, Huanlien City, Hualien County (038)224023 fad@mail2.hlpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Taitung County Police Bureau 268, Chungshan Road, Taitung City, Taitung County (089)334756 V2122@mail.ttcpb.gov.tw
Foreign Affairs Division, Penghu County Police Bureau 26, Chiping Road, Magung City, Penghu County (06)9270870 yenju651115@kimo.com.tw
Administration Division, Kinmen County Police Bureau 15, Chingshan Road, Chingcheng Jen, Kinmen County (0823)25653 inhwab@mail.kpb.gov.tw
Administration Division, Lienchiang County Police Bureau 260, Chiehshou Tsun, Nangan Hsian, Lienchiang County (0836)22421-2192 ogoven@pchome.com.tw



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The law requires that a FA copper must be present during any proceeding involving a non-Chinese foreigner.
They’re supposed to be there to translate (although these days you could easily have a regular cop at the station whose English is better, esp in the city), but that’s not their only function, they’re also (again, supposed to be) trained on how to make sure there are no incidents that might be a problem diplomatically.
But they’re not really like just a whole bunch of working cops who speak English, I mean, if you have an accident or someone steals your bag or you get the shit kicked out of you, even if you call them, they’ll still call the regular cops who still come and do all the regular cop stuff, they’ll just kind of hang out to make sure you know what’s going on and stuff.

ETA: and it’s not like they’re “on your side” or anything, you’re no more likely to get a fair shake or a sympathetic ear (maybe even less so) than with the regular coppers


I just started driving here…should I call the Foreign Affairs Police if I’m in an accident?

You can but they’ll tell you to bugger off, as they did me. Apparently they only get involved when there is violence…

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I figured but thought I would ask…thanks

As with all things, it may depend on who answers the phone but that’s what they told me when I called. Perhaps if there is difficulty communicating with the attending local officers they may call the FAP for help, I don’t know.