When can one use the motorway at CNY?

I seem to recall that last CNY there were restrictions on the number of people allowed in a car before it was allowed on the freeway. I think it was over 4 people if you travelled later in the day.
Where can I find such information again?
Also, are there any particular days/ times when it would just be insanity to use the motorways over CNY?

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Here somewhere?


The minimum head count is 3 this year, but that’s all I can really offer.

Here’s the Taipei Times article on it.

Excerpt on numbers of people:

[quote]Between 7am and 12pm this Saturday, only cars with four or more occupants will be allowed access at selected freeway interchanges.

These include southbound entry points on the Sun Yat-sen Freeway between Neihu (內湖) in Taipei City and Changhua, and on the Formosa Freeway between Muzha (木柵) in Taipei City and Siangshan (香山) near Hsinchu.

From 9am to 3pm next Wednesday and the following Saturday, only cars with at least four occupants may use northbound entry points on the Sun Yat-sen Freeway between Kaohsiung and Neili (內壢) in Taoyuan County, or northbound entry points on the Formosa Freeway between Jiouru (九如) in Pingtung County and Dasi (大溪) in Taoyuan County.[/quote]

The article also has info on peak times, and alternate routes.


Should the body be available also, or is the head enough? :smiley: Mooooohaaaa

Thank you very much for all your help. :notworthy:

weird, chinese papers are saying at least 3 people between those hours given above.

So they predict that there’ll be a lot of north-bound traffic next Saturday. 3 of us will be returning from Sun Moon Lake to Taichung. Whether the minimum occupancy is 3 or 4, maybe we’d be best to avoid the freeway and go on provincial highways 14 and 3. But the 14 is usually busy too with all the holiday traffic from Aowanda and Qingjing, as well as Sun Moon Lake.

Any suggestions for the best route?