When do cats start procreating? (Kittens need homes)

We were “adopted” by a tiny, female “kitten”. She was talkative and VERY loving, so we took her off the street. One week later, after she settled into our home, we took her to the vet for her shots, and to be spayed. The vet told us to come back after the kittens were born! :fume: The little slut just wormed her way into our hearts in order to have a safe place to have her kittens! The vet told us she is about three months old.
She gave birth to four males on 3 June, and I’m now trying to find homes for them. They will be ready for adoption by 15 July, and then she will be spayed asap. My question to the gurus: When do cats start fornicating, or should we assume she was raped!! :astonished: I certainly do not want to add to Taiwans growing stray population.

I’m no guru – I just googled for this info. This is what I’ve found so far:

[quote]Female cats can get pregnant when they are as young as four months old - when they are still kittens themselves. [/quote] Source: Kate Hurley, DVM, Director, Shelter Medicine Program.

Most of the sites I found say 5 to 7 months at earliest. :idunno:

Anyway, great job taking this one off the streets! :bravo: You’re doing a good thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Dragonbones - now if you can help me find homes for them… :smiley: Otherwise I’ll have no choice but to take them to my vet when the mother goes in to be spayed. Hopefully he’ll be able to find homes, or put them down humanely.

Yup, male and female cats usually have to be 6 months to be nutured, that’s when they start fooling around. But then again they might be much younger when they get knocked up. That’s why in Britain kittens are being nutured when they get their first shots, as I’ve heard! By they way, you can get a cat nutured when her pregnancy is not too advanced. Er… That’s information for next time then :slight_smile:

No need to put them down. Kittens are cute, and pictures sell. Post their pics and descriptions in the Forumosafieds (it’s free, and that’s where info on specific pets up for adoption belongs), and ask your local vets and pet shops if you can post them there, too. With a little leg work, you can save five lives instead of just one.

BTW, I’d love to see a pic of them here, too – show us your cuties! :slight_smile:

I have already posted the kittens on the Forumosafieds - with great difficulty!! :fume: Sorry, no camera! I’ll definately keep the mother as she has really wormed her way into our hearts. Even my other two cats have accepted her and although they are advanced in years, they still try to play with her! By the way, this is the first female cat I’ve ever had in my life, so therefore I had no knowledge of pregnancy etc.

With boys it has always been easy to get them neutered etc.

Damn females with alterior motives! :fume:

Help needed: As you know, I have kittens in need of homes. I have posted on Forumosfieds, but to no avail. Not even an enquiry. My question: If I take them to the animal shelter, will they simply be drowned, or put down humanely? If the animal shelter option is out - any advice on what to do with them would be appreciated - helpful advice that is. Keeping them is out of the question - I’ve already been threatened with divorce ( four dogs, eight cats, and two birds - my SO said NO MORE in no uncertain terms!) :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

ps. Although the thought has crossed my mind to rather keep all the animals!!

That’s a tough one. I did not realise you had so many pooches and kitties in your care. It’s too bad you did not get the mother spayed in time. Not that I blame you, she’s so young.

If you want, send me an email and I’ll send you a list of links to where you can post your kitties for adoption.(many are Chinese websites) Another thought is you could set up an adoption event somewhere. Invite others who have animals in need of homes. You could be surprised how many people turn up. We adopted four animals at our last adoption event. You need a busy location, preferably near a veterinary hospital/pet shop.

Best is if you advertise this event at least two weeks ahead of time, mind me, if you set up just a table/kennel outside a busy business, you could luck out. Maybe rent a spot at a night market, etc. It all takes time though, something you are probably pressed for with 12 animals and a day job.

If you do something like that, maybe your wife will be more patient seeing that you are trying your best to re-home the kittens. :idunno:

Taking four kittens to a shelter just doesn’t sound right. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Taiwan shelters… How about finding a new home for the wife? That might be easier. :wink:

Best of luck!

Bobepine, thanks for the advice. Finding a new home for the wife might prove to be a daunting task, and I’ll probably have to pay someone to take her!

I have an appointment with my vet today, and he said he might be able to find homes for the litter. Hell of a nice guy. When I explained the situation, he even offered to neuter the young ones for free. So thanks again for the advice, and keep your fingers crossed!!

When do cats start procreating?

When the mistress is away…

Please, please, please be sure you’ve neutered that pet!

It’s great that you’re helping this cat and her kittens. Best of luck with that, though you’ll find kittens go really quickly.

‘Putting them down humanely’ should never be an option. Let’s be honest, it means kill them. It’s a shame we think of that as an option so readily, but I understand you’re trying to do the best by the kittens.

Drop me an email at seandmccormack at gmail dot com and I’ll have our standard email sent to you with all the info you need to find a home for these little guys.

Good luck!