When is it legal to photocopy a book here?

I wanted my students to photocopy a book for class, but many of them are reluctant to do so.

What does the law here actually say about copyright? Does Taiwan follow the provisions of that international treaty? (Copyright being good for the life of the author, plus fifty years–right?)

Is there a loophole for academic purposes, or for books that are otherwise unavailable here?

Apparently the police have raided photocopy shops over this and fined people. Is this a criminal matter instead of a civil matter here?

Also, some students seem reluctant to copy any book, no matter how old. They say the police will never understand that it is public domain. What’s the best way to handle this?

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Why would want to steal from “whitie”? A dollar spent at home is a dollar which does not have to be spent here. Support the writers and publishers, not the lazy s.o.b.'s in Taiwan.

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