When is the pay day in Taiwan?

I am moving to Taiwan to be an professor on the univeristy. Does anybody know which day in the month is the pay day in Taiwan?

It varies depending on employer. 5th seems to be pretty common but is by no means the only date.

probably the 15th of every month, but beware that there is a delay while they are setting up things such as accounts and you might not get your first payday until November. And your overtime pay might come in monthly, or might be paid in bulk sometime during the semester. These are good questions for the administrators and secretaries of your new employer.

My previous employer paid on the 15th, and my current employer pays on the 5th.

Payday? WTF? Are some of you getting - - - like actually - - - PAID? Tell me when and where so I can queue!

Seriously, most pay on the 10th. A few on the 5th and a few on the 15th. If it is any more than 15 days, find a new job. Your getting screwed and if screwed once, it wil happen again and in more ways than payday.

Payday is determined by the employer regardless of what country you work in. My first job in Taiwan used a screwy a straight 4 week schedule time sheet with 5 week schedules every 3 months. The logic was that you always submitted your timesheet on Friday/Saturday.

One note about payday is that your pay is usually direct deposit (legit jobs) and you open an account at the same bank as your employer.

Some of the universities might pay you 2 months up front, check with them.

The main company I work for pays on the 10th for the previous month’s work.

Another company pays anytime between the 5th and the 25th.

I dont have a pay day.

I think you work at the same place I do. Maybe we can meet up and NOT have a beer because - no money!

The place where I used to work paid on the 9th. But if the 9th is on a weekend, they would not deposit my salary until the next Monday. Do they get more interest from the bank that way?

The place I work now, also pays on the 9th. But they would pay early if pay day falls on a weekend.

Yes, lots of Taiwanese companies are terrible at paying salaries on time. They are great at deducting from your salary though!