When Strange Things Happen

Last Saturday I went to a currency exchange in Taoyuan. The teller made a mistake. She gave me a little over 1000NT too much. After I informed the teller, she corrected her mistake and she thanked me. I didn’t think much of it, but two hours later I found 1100NT, next to my car, in a water puddle.

Strange coincidence.

Good karma. :bravo:

Then I’m paying my Karmic debt.
congrats RiT! What do you plan to do with extra cash?

I almost named the thread “Good Karma?” It’s strange how my good karma would happen to be someone else’s bad karma. Someone obviously lost that money.

The money was wet so I put it in the glove box. Maybe I’ll use it to fill up the gas tank and for a car wash. :slight_smile: