When will quarantine in Taiwan end? (Currently 0+7)

60% double vaxxed? Check
Everyone offered the vaccine? Check (40% said ‘no’)
No quarantine? Check
No contact tracing? Check
Mask mandate that’s unenforced and 40% of the people ignore? Check

Here’s what that future looks like in a place with 1/5 the population of Taiwan in a space 20 times larger **:

** You’re going to want to vastly increase ICU capacity

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And deaths?

It already is happening. And to be quite frank, the DPP ha every dam right to to brag about their handling of this virus and shit all over the chibese kuomingtan. its just observable and unable to be argued. Regardless of some funny stupid shit who did better. Tsai should do a funny video with Namawe making fun of korean fish and drop mic the douche.

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you can check out this spreadsheet that gives vaccine milestones. You can adjust it to see when Taiwan will hit the 60 or 70% mark.

Right now its late January for the 60% mark.

There will be a lot of pissed off people if they can’t travel freely for CNY 2022 when the rest of the world can.

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Nah a lot of Asia will still have restrictions .

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Ha ha ha… Some talented animator from our community should do a gag based on your statement.

I love those gags when bullets stop in mid-air for traffic lights or indiana Jones chasing boulders wait patiently in elevators to get to the proof floor before resuming the chase.
Who knows, your idea could be developed into something hilarious.

You left out the additional seven days of self-health management. So no public transport or entering schools!

I think the anime idea expressed above is terrific. Perhaps it could be done in South Park fashion with some catchy, if also vulgar, songs.


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The optimism in the results of that older poll is cute.



IMO getting back to normal is far from disastrous; it’s essential.

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Don’t forget the big earthquake

Quarantine should not end. Vaccines should not be mandatory with out real exemptions…

I know too many people who are allergic to medications including other vaccine. One otherwise healthy person who developed a fever almost immediately after, went to a local hospital, went into a coma and died the next day.

No he is no longer at the tea table in my friends shop.

I know one person who was in his early twenties, athletic and in excellent health who took the HPV shot and became paralyzed for six months.
In general, vaccines are good, but people with health or religious concerns should be respected.
Counter proposal…
If a patient states his health concerns to a doctor and the doctor says that he should take the vaccine anyway and injury occurs, all protections and shields lawsuits should be waived.
The best way to protect everybody for now is quarantine.
The ones who cannot take the vaccines should not be sacrificed either way, by being forced to take the vaccines or being exposed to people who could carry this disease in the general population.
14 days is not a bad sacrifice

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I read this to mean some kind of quarantine purgatory. :laughing:

23 yesterday. 27 today. It’s running between 20 and 40 Covid deaths daily. If this were Taiwan that would be 100 to 225 Covid deaths per day, not even taking into account the fact that Taiwan is much more densely populated.


[quote=“the_bear, post:32, topic:211792”] I read this to mean some kind of quarantine purgatory. :laughing:

Only 14 day purgatory. I remember waiting one week to get to the library to settle a childhood argument. Two weeks for products to be delivered from mail order catalogs.

Hell, I even waited two three months, perhaps a little more for stuff to be delivered via boat mail from the US because I’m a cheap bastard.

Seriously, the cost is low for freedom of movement and health for all vs. death or possible injury from the disease or vax.

Remember, even a small number is 100% for that person and his or her loved ones. The seat at the Tea table now 100% empty. He passed a heath check, was very active and there no interaction like being hit by a car or other underlying health issues.
He lived in the south where the chance of infection was zero.

Were these people domestic infections?

Nobody who is allergic to vaccine ingredients is being forced to take a vaccine, even in a mandate. The mandate is decrease the chances those who CAN’T be vaccinated get infected or seriously harmed and they can share in the protection of herd immunity. What you are saying is simply not true.


They don’t do any kind of quarantining or tracing here so I don’t think they know or care.

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It’s not.

In the medium term everybody’s chance of infection is about 100%. There’s no way to keep this virus out for more than a year . It’s going to spread here especially when borders open up.

And if an older person gets infected , 70 plus , their chance of dying is about 5% if unvaccinated. Taiwanese have a high CFR for this virus. Over 830 deaths so far…In a situation where the virus didn’t spread much yet.


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