When will quarantine in Taiwan end? (Currently 0+7)

Interested in people’s thoughts on this.

At some point we’ll (hopefully) have over 80% of the population vaxxed. What then?

Will the government remove quarantine restrictions, accepting that cases number will skyrocket and some people will still die regardless?

Will they remove restrictions for the fully vaxxed only? In which case, the above will still happen?

Will they continue with the restrictions regardless of the above, and this is now the new normal?

When will it end? Will it end?

  • Before 2022
  • Jan - June 2022
  • July -Dec 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024 or later

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Said 60% double vaxxed so should be Q1 next year



I think we’ll be struck with SARS 3 mixed with some porcine flu, approximately 3 to 8, possibly 7 years, tops. If 3, it will get the lowdown if this plague. Hence, that would be the breaking point.

Also, if China invades, no more quarantine. Population replacement instead.

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COVID-19: Expert urges Taiwan to follow Singapore - Taipei Times

60% is not enough. See US.

You missed out “It’ll never end! Never! Ahhhhahahaha!”

It has buggerall to do with vaccinations. The “experts” are finally admitting that herd immunity via vaccination just isn’t going to work (at least, not with these vaccines). I’m not sure what has to happen for them to just leave us alone, but the magical 80% isn’t it.

Singapore still has a lot of restrictions - it’s Singapore, and that’s how they roll - but the TT article does make sense.


Idk when it will end but I’m hopeful it will get relaxed sometime next year.

This is what I read from the government. Think once 60% Is double vaxxed and everyone been offered a vaccine, then just get on with things

I thought they said the epidemic alert won’t return to level 1 until 60% have been vaccinated? That’s not the same as reducing quarantine restrictions, unless you’ve read something different?

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Oh yeah that will be fucking ages

Your poll has no option for never. I dont expect this to go away. The virus or the power grabs. Not about a virus or vaccines, i just expect people in power to keep pushing power. 2 steps right one step left and keep going type situation. Avoided saying forward/backward cause everyone seems both simultaneously now haha.

When we see those in power, namely governments, give back freedoms we can have this chat. It wont likely go back to “normal”, for both logical as well as illegitimate reasons i bet.


Oh is this going to be one of those threads



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All invading soldiers must do a two week quarantine in a designated quarantine hotel before they begin their pillaging.

Those are the rules.


There is now a “mu” variant from Colombia that is supposedly going to be great at evading the vaccine, just like the “delta” variant was supposed to be but turns out not to be. Oh, and also a new South African substrain called something like C.0.1 which is supposed be super-vaccine-evading but probably will end up just being more “keep terrorizing the population to sell newspapers” crap.

So, “never”.

it will have to happen at some point…but here is what I think, politicians are going to exploit the situation and keep as many restrictions as possible to maintain their political status as savior. Political jostling is going to get really heavy in Taiwan, vote for me, “I KEPT YOU SAFE” will be the party lines coming up, and opposition will add fire to the flame if they open up.

long story short:
I think there is a lot of political exploitation opening for these politicians to utilize covid to their benefit even if it means maintaining 14day quarantines for the rest of time.


We did already have this thread a few months ago, although this new one’s garnered more responses.


They could change it if other countries opening up has proven to be disastrous.

Hope it will end next year

how about “vote for me, I set you free”?

  • it also rhymes better: -)