When you accidentally wash 1000$ bill


I notice when you accidentally wash the 1000$ bill in the washer it messed up the shiny stripe and some places wont accept it anymore because they think it’s fake. Anyone else notice this problem?


laundering money is illegal :grin:


take the bills to a Bank of Taiwan branch. Explain what happened. They’ll probably check the serial # and issue you a new one, or maybe just give you a new one without checking.


For me I just hang them dry and then use iron to flatten these paper bills :grinning:


I would die


I can’t wash the skid marks out of my shreddies so I don’t know how you managed to wash out a strip that is meant to be able to survive multiple machine washings…

Cold water only washing machines don’t work!


No, I’m pretty careful about that. I only miss the occasional $1 coin, which I’ll then hear rattling around my machine. Anyway… so a couple clerks have rejected your power-bleached $1,000 note? Okay. Just try using it at another place. Eventually some indifferent slave-wage kid who dgaf will accept it. Also, check your pants pockets a little more thoroughly in the future before washing. Or just never keep notes loose in your pocket to begin with. That’s a good way to lose them.


Or try the bank. :slight_smile: