When your lover is ill, what do you do?

This is something that I think attributes wholey to personality. I don’t think culture comes into this at all. My last boyfriend coughpainintheasscough would smother me when I was sick. He would not leave me be at all. He would forcefeed me green tea and all sorts of noodle soups and make me stay in bed for a month. My love before him would hide from me if I even had the sniffles. This was a wise move on his part, but none the less a little wimpy. My current boyfriend calls to check on me and nags me to go to a doctor, but stays away.

I, myself, am the “Whatever you need” type. If the man wants me to stay and cook him chicken soup while dabbing a cold cloth on his head, I will be right over after work. If he wants me to stay away. I will. If I need to keep him company at the DRs office, I will.
So what do you do? When your lover is ill, do you stay away. Do you keep them company? Do you take care of them? Or does it depend on the lover or the disease?

Get another one.

:notworthy: There needs to be an emoticon that laughs harder than this: :laughing: doesn’t look like laughter. Looks like a mouth twitch.

I’d only do that if the illness were terminal, caused deformity, produced nausious odors or involuntary discharges of fluid.

Until ‘my lover’ gets better, I just go left-handed for a while. :blush:

So many silly jokes… :unamused: :laughing:
And all I can come up with is another one: When my lover is ill, I just stay home with my husband…

Oh, never mind.

go on vacation with your mates… :smiley:

Oh okay…make her chicken soup. Doctor her back to health and if she’s Taiwanese, pester her every five minutes to go and see a doctor…

When I was in the hospital in Chia Yi with pneumonia my girlfriend came down and took care of me. I was laid up in bed for a week, IV’s and everything. She fed me, washed my clothes and even talked to the nurses for me…what an angel she was

Depends on how ill you’re talking about, if she has a fever or something, I would definitely stay around to take care everything (cooking, cleaning, blah blah), but if it’s little something, then drop a call, and stop by with some hot chocolate is what I would do.

Is he Chinese? Nagging people to see a doctor, even if they have the slightest sniffles, is commonplace here. And yes, it’s annoying.

Order takeout

I’d only do that if the illness were terminal, caused deformity, produced nausious odors or involuntary discharges of fluid.[/quote]

Does that involuntary dishcarhes of fluid include the common runny nose… life is terminal… :smiley:

Your face deforms every time you sneeze or yawn… :unamused:

And the odors… well we’ve all got those :rainbow: