Where are senior gay people in Taipei?

Hi! I am a gay man originally from Taipei, living in USA since 1979. Have not been back for 25+ years. Just wonder where are the social circles for those gay people my age growing up with now because everything one sees oversea are all handsome young men from Taipei? Plan to visit Taipei early next year and like to find a gay guide or friend(s) my age showing me around because it seems to be so different from the time I was in Taiwan. Any information will be appreciated.

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Are you specifically looking for Taiwanese gay people who are around your age? I know a couple of old queens here, but they are foreigners.

They are not all from Taipei, they’re from all over Asia.

There are some popular gay apps in Taiwan.

After your arrive, just go hang around the food and pub area at Red House in Ximenting evenings. It’s gay central for all ages.

The Red House, No. 10, Chengdu Road

Thanks. SImply regular guys will do. Just need people showing me around taipei gay scene and may be company to dine with instead of being alone in the restaurant.

I don’t know how old you are looking for but I know a lot of gay guys age 35 --> perhaps 50. However, most are in longer term relationships - I’ve met nearly all of them through a pair of married gay couples I am friends with.

The Red House area has been suggested here. Grab a drink and sit outside - it’s nearly impossible to walk through the area without guys talking to you.

I am 63 yrs old and not looking for relationship. Need someone to show me around the gay scene when I visit next year. Where do people my age socializing in taipei?

Do you know Chi Chia-wei (祁家威) ?

sounds familiar but no

Another question and you may be able to help. Wonder there is any piano bar (Straight or Gay) catered to my age group in taipei? BTW, I am 63.

I will ask - there’s one in Xinyi District but I don’t think it’s a gay bar (and don’t think it’s a straight bar either).

In Taipei, gay bars are really, really, really accepting - lesbian bars are far less so. A lot of gay men are mixed into regular restaurants and bars - if it’s a cool, stylish place, gay men will be around.


David, if this is your thing, you could try Jieshou Park 介壽公園 after dark. I hear it draws a senior crowd.

Sorry, I was away from here for a few days. I brought this up with three friends.

The first two are married (not to each other) and said they rarely go out to the gay scene but said to start in the Red House area, specifically the second floor area of the bars to the side and behind the actual house itself.

The other guy is far more of a player and said unlike in the west, you won’t see as many out older men here and he doesn’t think that any place caters to that crowd. He did say that you see all ages in any kind of gay bar or club.

thanks, Terry

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thank u