Where can a homeless person get drinking water in Taipei

A Taiwanese acquaintance who is homeless is texting me for help. He says the public drinking fountains are all closed.


I bent my rule.

You or your friend could contact to volunteer groups, who might know something.

You might find some info of such groups.



They seem to have closed all the ones on the riverside path. There are some in parks like Daan Forest park, but I don’t know if they remain open.

Maybe donating one of these to him would be helpful, so he can, at least, get water from public bathrooms.


I texted him some phone numbers of charities. He says everything is closed now.

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Why not fill up a bottle from any public washrooms tap. All water is supposed to be potable right ?

They’ve prodigiously ripped out all the ones near me in Taipei city. The authorities really did not spare a thought for these people did they.


Yes, that’s what I’ve read. They’re all closed. MRT stations and everywhere.

How about the sinks in Carrefour cafeteria areas and such? Are they shut off?

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I refilled a water bottle in RT-Mart Dinghao on Wednesday.

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Did you already send their number too?


Public fountain or restroom sink?

Would you personally do that?

I don’t understand the logic either, why would they shut down all the public restrooms around the city because of covid? It’s making it hard to be out there because there may not be anywhere to use the restroom but worse of all the homeless are essentially forced to go on the streets.


One of those proper hot/cold refill water stations in the store, just after the checkouts.

Police station?


Fire station?



PM’d. Don’t want the powers that be to be aware of it and shut it down.

If thirsty, yes. I boil and filter my home water, but I’d drink tap water if I needed to. It’s supposedly clean, and while it may pass through old pipes with bacteria you’re not going to get giardia or anything serious from it.

Thanks, but no one here has the power to shut a drinking fountain down.

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Yes, police and fire stations usually help travellers. Would certainly help.

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