Where can I advertise on internet for one-on-one teaching?

Hi Folks,

My name is Paul Carr. I’m living in Taipei at the moment. I have been here since March 23rd 2010. I think there are lots of Taiwanese who are looking for one-on-one English teaching. I’m willing to teach them. I am wondering where can I advertise as a one-on-one English language teacher? I already put an ad on esl99.com (hopefully now updated). Any other websites I can use to advertise as a one-on-one teacher? Any other ways I can find students?

UPDATE: I also uploaded to tealit.com . Any other websites I can try besides esl99.com and tealit.com? Thanks.

I used to get a lot of action from there. Nowadays, nothing. :ponder:

Just a rough idea; not sure if it’d work better, though I am aware your intention is to put the adv. on the Internet :smiley:

How about the conventional way of advertising?
If you have been in Taipei for a while, you must have noticed those small adv. written on a piece of red paper and posted in the community bulletin board?
Or do the leafleting near some office buildings around the rush hour in the morning. Some office workers might be interested and ring you for details?

just started a facebook group for this purposes. Post your details and then share the link with as many Taiwanese people as possible.

facebook.com/?ref=home#!/gro … 5746073726