Where Can I buy a Google Pixel 3a in person? (Taipei)

Hi everyone,
I’m currently visiting Taiwan and managed to smash my phone screen completely to pieces. I had already been considering a new phone and had my heart pretty set on the Pixel 3a. However, since I want to travel and need a phone for maps/communication, I’d prefer not to wait the 4-5 days of shipping it takes when ordering online from Google. Is there any store where I could get a Pixel in person in Taipei; or an online source with shipping time more like 1-2 days?

Edited to add: since I’m only staying for a couple of weeks, I need just the phone without a carrier contract

Thanks for your help!

I don’t think they sell them here. Maybe someone will know differently.

Google Store, more safe and you will definitely get warranty.

Don’t think they sell in physical stores. But you might find some resellers.
Check out shopee.

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didn’t read, please ignore…

I just the saw Pixel promotions last week at the first floor of the vieshow cinama in Xin’yi Dist.

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They sell Xiaomi phones on the first floor of Vieshow Xinyi.

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Google Pixel 3a XL台灣公司貨亞太電信續約 搭配免預繳 Google Pixel 3a XL攜碼免預繳 Yahoo

These guys seem to have it in Zhonghe.

Opens Monday to Saturday until 9. They ask customers to go, or meet up.

代購全新未拆封 美版 Google Pixel 3a XL 4G 64G 高通670 無鎖版 台北市可面交 ESIM Yahoo

This one can send to 711. That means 1 or 2 days delivery.

Taiwan Mobile has Pixel 4a on sale now, if it helps.

Cool, didn’t realize that.

That’s actually 代購, meaning they’ll get it from overseas once you order it. They say it’ll take 8-14 days.

They probably have a source in the US and then ship it here.

Yep. It might help others interested. But the store suggested or similar ones are the best bet for OP.

I think Pixel 4 has a lot of issues or so I have read. Ratings and customer opinions are not in favor. But I haven’t used it so I cannot say for myself.

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Thanks for your help erveryone! I ended up finding a used one on shopee.

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