Where can I buy an anal douche? (Yes, the one for anal sex)

I live in Central Taiwan. And does anyone know what’s it called in Mandarin?

Like…an enema DIY kit? I think you might have some luck at your local medical supply store. I believe 灌腸 is the correct term.

I hope you’re not eating lots of spicy crispy chicken, as your namesake would indicate. Will probably make the endeavor quite a bit messier.

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My friend usually buys them in larger pharmacies or medical supply stores.

Probably something like 直腸沖洗器 or 肛門清洗器


Wouldnt a vaginal douche do the exact same thing?

You would think…but then you’d need to deviate from the instruction diagrams, which might invalidate the warranty.


Why did I try and help by searching Google for anal douche… Probably receive advertising on them and related stuff…

Incognito mode!

My gay friends usually just use the hose from the bathtub, with a bit of lube. I don’t think I’d find it a particularly thrilling experience, but, hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

You can also get those disposable enema thingies from any pharmacy. It’s just a saline solution, but it cleans all the muck out of your bowels pronto. And at NT$5 a pop, they’re a real bargain!

Are they sold in POYA?

Poya has sex toys including those Japanese Tenga male masturbation aids.

Also, the 24 hour sex toy vending machine shops might have some douche.