Where can I buy an Azulle Access 3 or a comparable Stick PC in Taiwan?

I’m looking for a new work computer (mostly office apps, minor image and video editing, video conferencing, no gaming) to complement my Surface tablets. These Stick PCs sound interesting.

I just walked around my usual route at Guanghua and no one seems to have heard of them (even though these started coming out at least 2 years ago). A search online for Azulle Access 3 Taiwan is topped by websites that help you buy abroad and send here.

I’m looking at the all the wrong places. Can anyone recommend how I might buy this in Taiwan today?

I also want to get one for my mom for my next trip home, and set her up with Work from Home stuff on a Stick. I was originally planning to use a Mini PC (Azulle’s Inspire looks interesting btw) but a Stick PC is one less HDMI cable and power socket (I think)

This may sound odd, but I’ve found that these places seem to have as much variety in everything except computers themselves, plus off the wall or unique or hard to find items, that I’m usually looking for and have now become my first stop when looking for electronic items. And Syntrend for what it’s worth.

Kuang Nan Wholesale Taipei Xuchang Store
No. 40號, Xuchang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
02 2311 0528

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I’ll check it out in the next few days. Thank you

I skipped going into Syntrend today because I regard it as more for showcases and not so much for shipping for computers. You remind me that I need to update my route.

Syntrend seems to be “slowly” getting better with more options and variety and not just flagship stands. For example, maybe the only place in Taipei with a variety of ereader brands.