Where can I buy baby diaper changing table?

Where can I buy baby diaper changing table or any ideas where to buy the dresser that would fit to use as a changing station? seems they use the beds or just tables here in Taiwan for this purpose.

I’m also looking for one…

In Europe they have systems, which you simply put on top of your bath tube. There are combined systems for baby bathing and diaper changing. Sounds very practical to me…
I’ve checked, but couldn’t find them in Taiwan. Anybody know where to get?

I would check IKEA. I’m not a Dad (yet…er, that I know of anyway) but I am pretty sure they have that sort of thing there.

I bought one at IKEA a year ago, so I’m sure they still have.

Yes IKEA has them as well as the baby floor of many department stores such as Living Mall or Miramar.

Near the Woman and Children’s hospital are plenty of baby stores. Right off of Roosevelt Road sec 1 and Fu Zhao road. Take MRT to CKS stop. Exit number 2 walk straight about 2 blocks. When you get to Mandrian Daily school(a tall building dark bookstore on 1st floor) turn right and walk straight. You will begin to see all the baby stores.

Best of luck :rainbow:

We just bought the three-drawer dresser that comes in blue or white at IKEA, and use the top for the change table. IKEA also has changing mats (in the baby section) that can be placed on top. This works well for us.