Where can I buy baseball cards in Taipei, Taiwan?

Hi, I’m an ABC. I’ll be traveling to Taipei, Taiwan in December of this year. Does anyone know of any card shops that sell cards of Taiwanese baseball players? Thanks in advance!

Call this shop, but use your Chinese because they don’t speak English:
Bei Mem Athletic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Chengta Road, Section 4, No. 106,
Shilin District, Taipei
Tel: 2886-1467
Web site: northdoor.com.tw
E-mail: nd5442@ms41.hinet.net

The Web site doesn’t seem to work, but that was what was on their business card.

Thanks for the reply. I’m a huge fan of Taiwan baseball. I’ve managed to collect everyone playing in the US minors/majors, as well as the 2 pitchers in Japan. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the CPBL players.