Where can I buy eyebrow/nose trimmer?


Hello everyone, always a reader but I have never created an account until now. Im looking to buy a eyebrow and nose trimmer (electric one). I live in Sanxia, anyone knows where I can get one? I have visited my local carrefour and poya, and they don’t have anything :confused: thanks!


You should be able to get a rotating blade type trimmer from Panasonic at 全國電子 (Quanguo dianzi). There are three branches in Sanxia, you may give them a call and ask if they carry 修剪器 (xiū jiǎn qì) before going out.

復興路78號 · 02 2673 8848

民生街106之2號 · 02 2671 5289

大學路125號 · 02 2673 6018