Where can I buy good bread in Taipei?

[Original Subject: decent bread]

I am looking for decent bread the way it is baked in Germany, not the fluffy stuff that shrinks to a couple of millimeters when you squeeze it. I checked out the bakery in the breeze center. It does have a German name, but the bread is just the same stuff as anywhere else. Does anybody know where to get German bread in downtown Taipei? I guess there are place in Tienmou, but I probably will not spend too much time there.

If you have any idea, please send me a PM.

The place to go for authentic German bread and pastry is Michael Wendel’s “Baeckerei + Cafe” in Tien Mu. As far as I know he is importing the flour from Germany to get it right. It’s on Chung Shan N. Rd. Sec. 6 at the crossing with De Shing Rd. (Forgive me for my romanization) in Tien Mu.

If you don’t compare the prices to Germany, you cab really enjoy it…

Where can I find a good bakery? Not that fluffy marshmallow stuff or loaded with sugar! A good rye bread would be nice! Would it be too much to ask for pumpernickel?

Mr Mark. Corner of Roosevelt and Fuzhou. Sexiest bread in Taipei. :sunglasses:

Near Renai and Fuxing … Florida Bakery… good garlic bread.

As far as I’m concerned, the 2 most reliable bakeries in Taipei are the Florida bakeries (also on Zhongshan N. Rd. just N. of Minquan East Rd.) and the Twins bakeries (too many locations to note). If you live in the east end, near the Ding Hao bus stop there’s a Wellcome supermarket and above it, there’s a Ding Hao bakery. The breads there are awesome. But alas, I still have not seen pumpernickel. They have a great vegetable loaf and rye loaf though. You might give these a go.

Breeze has pumpernickel. We Care has some very good bread. Roosevelt Road just west of the junction with Xinsheng S. Rd.

Twinkle Bakery. Songde Rd near Songshan Rd.

Far Eastern food court on Dunhua S.
the original Lulu, off Minsheng near Dunhua N.

And, there’s always COSTCO!
…u could freeze some.

But i still think with any of these Taipei bakeries you’re grasping at straws, really, by comparison.

Kinda like getting good rice in the west…

I am surprised no one mentioned Backerei Cafe. This is a great place for bread if you do not want the overly sweet, soft or stale bread. It is partly owned by this German fellow who oversees everything.
He has the best sourdough bread I have ever had anywhere (and I have had a lot). In fact he claims to make 35 different kinds of bread incuding rye and pumpernickle but not all at once. He only has a few on any given day, so it would b best to call and ask what was made that day.
No.161 Zhongshan North road Sec .6 Taipei
2831-4592 (close to the corner of Dexing W.Rd and Zhongshan)
It is walking distance from the Chishan b[/b] MRT station.
The food there is not bad either.

There’s also a bakery/cafe in one of the alleys off Yongkang St. German husband, local wife, I believe. Wonderful bread and fantastic cakes. Sorry I can’t recall the actual address or name.

I want to back up Mr Mark bakery on the corner of Roosevelt Rd and Fuzhou Rd. It’s really good bread. German style I think. I love the multi-grain cheese buns with cream cheese centers.


  • Backerei & Cafe - As mentioned earlier, this apparently is an excellent bakery with very authentic German-style breads. I believe the chef is German. This place was strongly recommended by a German friend, so it should be worth trying.

  • Schwarzwald Deutsche Spezialitaten
    #9, Lane 6, Yongkang Street, Taipei

(Lane 6 is on the part of Yongkang Street that is not too far south from Hsinyi Rd. If you’re driving southward down Yongkang from Xinyi, this lane is on your right, and Schwarzwald is about halfway in the lane, also on your right.)

I believe this is the German bakery that Sandman mentions earlier in this discussion.

This is a small restaurant with very authentic German food. The chef is a Taiwanese woman who is married to a German; they lived in Germany for a very long time, and she learned how to cook many of the traditional dishes. I’ve had two meals there, and I thought they were fantastic. Again, a German friend gave it his stamp of approval.

It is not primarily a bakery; nevertheless, it does have quite a wide variety of small breads and cakes. They have this white bread which is baked in a small, longish, triangular-shaped loaf with confectioner’s sugar sprinkled on top–I KNOW, I KNOW, sounds strange and a bit too close for comfort to those overly sweet Asian breads. But I swear, it’s not, it is absolutely delicious and clearly the work of a Western-style baker! No baguettes, though.

  • Twins Bakery - Sorry, I don’t have the precise address for this one, but the branch that I know of (it has many branches, I believe) is on the north side of Renai Rd., east of Dunhua and Anhe–although which block precisely, I couldn’t tell you, sorry.

Most of the baked goods look like those in a typical Taiwanese bakery, but don’t be scared away by that; in addition to all that, they do have baguettes which are really quite good. Now, don’t expect them to be like the best baguettes you’ll find in Paris, but the one we got, we enjoyed. However, depending on how finely you want to distinguish between different types of bread, I can’t remember now if it might have been more like a nice, long “baguette” of Italian bread, as opposed to French bread (there is some difference in the texture and ingredients which I am not cultured enough to know). But it was still really good.

There’s also a couple of good bakeries with good baguettes on the right hand side of Xinyi Rd just before the intersection of Xinsheng Sth Rd, near Yongkang St


I greatly prefer wholemeal bread. Here are my recommendations:

Dobos (

Running the risk of inviting all the repetitions (everything people posted on this subject before), I get my bread at the Schwarzwald-Cafe in the alleys west of Yongkang Jie. They have one decent kind, so I usually buy three to four loafs and put them in the freezer. Much easier than travelling to Tianmu (might do it for variation one day, though).


We Care has good bread. I kid you not, it really does. At least 6 or 7 kinds of “western” bread, including multigrain, French country, onion rye, ciabatta, wholemeal with green peppercorns, and various others. There’s one just west of the Roosevelt Rd/Hsingsheng S. Rd intersection and another in Hsintien, across the road from the Chichang MRT station.

We Care has good bread. I kid you not, it really does. At least 6 or 7 kinds of “western” bread, including multigrain, French country, onion rye, ciabatta, wholemeal with green peppercorns, and various others. There’s one just west of the Roosevelt Rd/Hsingsheng S. Rd intersection and another in Hsintien, across the road from the Chichang MRT station.[/quote]
What is “We Care” ? Is it a specialist bread shop ? What are their opening hours ? Is it on Roosevelt or in behind in the catacombs between Roosevelt and Dingzhou ?

Oh Hexuan, you’re in for a treat, boy! We Care looks like a regular Taiwanese-style bakery, and in the window you see the usual greasy, oversweetened crap. Enter the store, though, and there’s a display of baskets in the middle containing the various varieties of breads. Get some ciabatta or a French country loaf and you will not be disappointed. Real, crusty, chewy … bread, with nary a grain of sugar near it.

Its right smack dab on Roosevelt Road. From the west corner of Hsingsheng S. Road, head along Roosevelt in a westerly direction for about 10-20 yards and you’re there.
Oh, and they’re open til’ 10 (at least the Sin-den one is).

Another bakery with good bread (granary style and crusty French loaves) and pastries less greasy than your average Taiwanese fare, is Viva. There are two I know of: one near the northwest corner of Fuxing N. Rd. and Changchun Rd., and one near the southeast corner of Fuqin St. and Sanmin Rd. (right next door to where the new Tesco is!) I have heard that Viva supplies some of the bigger hotels in Taipei.

There is another We Care not mentioned above which is a little way east of the southeast corner of Minquan E. Rd. and Fuxing N. Rd. (after a Giant bicycle shop), but we prefer the bread at Viva!

I also get my bread from We Care. An excellent bakery with good prices too. We take advantage of their coupon deal where we pay 1500NT to get 1700NT worth of coupons and then you get 10% off everything you buy when using the coupons. THeir is also a branch on Shipai Rd. near the night market as well as one in Donghu on Donghu Rd.