Where can I buy Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

I’ve only seen it being sold in a wholesale store selling bulk chemicals and stuff like that. The concentration was also very high. In the US you can buy it at any pharmacy but I haven’t see it here.

I think that should easy to find. Ask for it by it’s chemical make-up: H2O2. Any pharmacist will know what that is. (I did this in Thailand years ago and it was easy).

They know what it is, but they don’t have just H.P. 3%. They have it with acetaminophen and it’s 30%. Not what I’m looking for.

That’s interesting. I used to use hydrogen peroxide 3% for my ears. I could have sworn it was no problem to get the same dilution in the States here. Why in the world would they put a pain killer in that? Anyway, good luck. I hope somebody else can help.

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I think most pharmacy-like shops will sell it.

That makes no sense alright, acetaminophen would be degraded by even a 3% solution, probably not much use topically unless in a gel and I don’t think anyone is encouraging drinking it…Buy it online or show the pharmacist this, 過氧化氫/雙氧水溶液 3% (液體) (shimada.com.tw)



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That’s what I think too - I don’t see any reason to mix these together, and I can’t find any details online in English for this being a common preparation. That said, I’ve also read the same thing before on Facebook or somewhere. Maybe it’s a mistranslation of the name of some radical inhibitor or something. :man_shrugging:

I wouldn’t have thought 3% is hard to get in pharmacies, but I’ve always just bought the 30% or 35% from chemical supply stores (it was like NT$55 or something for 500 mL). It’s quite easy to do a 1:9 or 1:10 dilution with water and mix well, and the rest of the concentrated stuff can just be stored in the fridge*.

The only real problem is that it works out as way more 3% hydrogen peroxide than most people will ever need.

[*None of this is medical advice or parenting advice, and it may be better to avoid doing this for people with kids.]


if regular pharmacies dont havei, tt the baby shops that also run psuedo pharmacies. see it iften, but dont remember the concentration.

ifyou really cannot find it at the % you want, its perhaps feasible to dilute it?

big cities have chemical shops that sell everything under the sun. many do mail order

So, here you can see that acetaminophen has been added. According to the lady in the pharmacy this is 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. It doesn’t say so on the bottle, but it does say that each ml contains 30 mg of HP.


Interesting. I wonder if this is just a medically dubious Taiwan thing, where the manufacturer decided to throw in some acetaminophen purportedly for pain relief.

I couldn’t find anything at all in English about this combination, and as @SuperS54 wrote I’m also not sure how stable the acetaminophen would be to prolonged storage in H2O2.

Acetaminophen sometimes gets used as a model organic pollutant to assess degradation under not-too-different (oxidative) conditions. Often in the presence of trace metals, but they’re hard to avoid, and even without them I’m not sure the background reaction is completely negligible over a period of months.


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I was curious on what this might be used for. I found this link:

Apparently acetominophen has some stabilizing properties and this type of product could perhaps be used for hair coloring (bleaching) and teeth whitening (bleaching).