Where can I buy mutton/lamb meat for a reasonable price?

Currently, i live in Hualien. Except supermarkets like Amart or carrefour which has few cubes (it is crazy expensive), i cant find mutton anywhere. Is there any farm here or traditional market that i can buy from?

Its pretty expensive here. Which is why most smaller eateries use goat. If goat is ok, its more reasonable (it can be raised locally more reasonably, also tends to be more humane than other commercial meats). Though its an important note that goat farmers tend not to cut off the testicles because its not worth the labor and other costs to do so like they do with say pigs. So goat here can vary in “strong smell” measures :slight_smile:


Just be careful which goat or lamb you buy…

There have been a few shops selling lamb soup that isn’t lamb…

Here are two online stores, they deliver island wide. Their prices are reasonable.


Everyone knows not to eat the soup in taiwan. If they do, no sympathy given :slight_smile:

What is it?

Woof woof

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I buy hot pot lamb that’s been frozen and sliced thin from my traditional market. It’s 160 for a good sized box.
Costco lamb is great. They have the frenched chops that are pricey, so I buy the regular chops and slice them myself. There’s about 8 big chops in one pack for 500-ish.
Sometimes they get lamb roasts whole or sliced into yakiniku. Makes a great lamb burger.


For thin sliced frozen lamb, Carrefour has (had?) a great offer with their own brand. Around 80NT for a box that is enough for cooking a dinner for two.

It was not available all the time at all shops, and sometimes even sold out online. Currently - I can’t even see it in the online shop any more. The 2 boxes in my freezer might be the last ones I’ll ever see…

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As dog meat is usually more expensive than lamb I think that is not likely, do you have a link to a court conviction?

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Came here to say Costco. Are their prices unreasonable? I just buy pork and salmon, because the lamb is 4X as much as pork and I don’t like it that much more.

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Try online shops like Momo and i3 Fresh. You can sometimes get good deals if you buy a lot of it. You may also find a more direct seller on Shoppe. But shipping will be expensive because it will be refrigerated or frozen.

I didn’t see those yesterday in Zhonghe when I went. I’ve bought the pricey ones before (700-800 for four, IIRC), and there were larger vacuum-packed, erm…lumps of lamb next to them for over 1000, but that’s all I could see.

(They didn’t have ground beef either though, so maybe they’d sold out…?)

Its usually goat.

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Costco isn’t always consistent. Sometimes, I’ll buy the lamb yakiniku and grind for burgers.
Their ground beef is too lean for a decent burger but find for other dishes. I usually buy a chuck roast when they have it and grind my own.


I got a ton of mutton from Carrefour online on discount, frozen, but that was some time ago. I recently found a halal butcher near Guting Station going towards the Shida gate. No idea of the quality or price but they have everything except the obvious.