Where can i do bushcraft, survival, battle reenactments in taiwan?

i’d like to learn survival skills or battle skills

Just join the army!

Wait, maybe not. not sure how much you’ll learn in the Taiwan army.

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"Where can i do bushcraft, survival, battle reenactments in taiwan? "


(More seriously: don’t know)


Wrong country, no ‘bush’. And even in the smallest village you’ll have one of 10,000 convenience stores, no need for survival skills.

Well, that is the number 1 survival skill in Taiwan: 7-11 mastery.


A lot of those Airsoft guys get pretty hardcore. I would ask at an airsoft store if that is what you are looking for.

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Taiwan is small and easy to get out of trouble when talking distance. But the real bush in taiwan can incredibly hardcore in the deeper mountains. One can go in and train. There are ample foodab medicinesb poisonous things, temperature fluctuations, flash floods, landslides and all aroubd jungle shit to keep you busy. Its just not as vast as many other areas and here it is mountainous so the dangers tend to lie in that scope of mountain trekking/climbing.

With the slopes and that, you can get pretty hard pretty quick here.

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Combat zone in Taipei?

OK Mr Presley :laughing:

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