Where can I download chinese tv shows?

Name of the Show: First Love
Time: 9pm Channel 28 (i think) starting May 26

I was standing in front of New York New York last night and watched the preview of “First Love” a new soap thats coming out May 26. It looks really good … and umm … well … i don’t watch soaps back home … but this one catch my eye. I’m hoping I can learn chinese by reading the subtitles. My problem is its TV and i don’t read all that fast. Is there a place for me to download this show?? I know as of right this moment the show hasn’t even been aired yet but I’m really eager to see it!!!

Where can I download chinese tv shows?


Hey Rose,

Is that Taiwanese or Japanese show? I just asked Grace and she said that sounds like a Japanese soap title she saw before. If that’s the case, you can usually buy the entire show on vcd in Taiwan (that also applies to some local shows).

I learned almost all my Thai (however limited) from watching TV back in Thailand. It’s a long process, but once you get some of it, placing pieces of puzzles together gets easier. I used to know a friend who learned his Chinese entirely from watching TV in Taiwan as well. It’s amazing how those subtitles can help one learn a different language.

Good luck…