Where can I find a British / US newspaper in Taipei?

Do anyone know where I can buy any Brit or US papers such as the Telegraph, New York Times, Guardian or Financial Times in Taipei? I’m looking for one as a prop for a photo shoot. It doesn’t have to be recent.

National library Taipei
No. 6, Zhong’an St, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, 235


Can probly find something in this thread

Caves bookstore sells the FT, doesn’t it?

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I believe Woolloomooloo has a shelf of newspapers, including international, for customers to read.

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I miss Private Eye. Kept me sane when I lived in London.

I wonder where I can get it here.

I believe a subscription for Private Eye for the rest of the world (that will be us) costs about UKP45 for 12 issues. Private Eye web store | purchase online

Lutetia in Tianmu sells The NY Times and a couple others, I believe.


I remember seeing that. Its always cool to find it live on sale in a shop. But I’ll order if if I have to. Cheers.

Major book stores will sell the NYT and FT. Both are contract printed in Taiwan.

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They won’t be the full version I think.

FT is the full version. NYT is the international edition.