Where can i find a good fleamarket

I love browsing through fleamarket, but aparently there does not seem to be on in taipei (there is even one in singapore!!)
does anyone know?


Go to West Memphis, Arkansas. The highest per capita amount of fleamarkets, not to mention pawn shops and bail bonding agencies, in the world.

Short of that, hop on a plane to Manila for the closest place in Asia like home sweet flea-ridden home.

They have morning markets and night-markets here in Taiwan. Have you been to any of those?

I wouldn’t call this a good flea market nor is it very big (it’s actually in a building). But it’s one nonetheless. Go to Kuting MRT, take Exit 7. Go down about 30 yards. It’s right there near a fire station.

What kind of things are you looking for? In Wanhua there are some streets selling stuff that might be similar to a fleamarket. Also, the weekend Jademarket has a lot other things besides jewelry that might make it qualify as a quasi-fleamarket. Dotted around the city are numerous shops which also might qualify.

Might check out the market under the Jianguo overpass on weekends. There are the jade, flower and an assorted stuff mkts there.

Instead of wasting time at flea-markets why not fritter your life away posting at Forumosa like the rest of us?

Not sure if it’s still there, but 2 years ago I read details about a big weekend market full of cheap (and apparently stolen) goods. It’s under the first bridge (I think) connecting Banqiao and Xinzhuang, on the Xinzhuang side. Or maybe it was Sanchong, not too sure, better ask around.


i remember eons ago there was an early morning flea market behind the post office in the alley on Jin Shan road. More or less just really old people putting their “treasures” to sell. I guess it is a flea market. Small alley from Hang zhou street to the street before xin sheng

You could also try walking along the streets at the back of “Snake Alley”; there’s often many people selling used things, including watches, cellphones, antiques, etc. My impression, however, was that it seemed all little “dodgy”…

Oh, yes, the streets behind ‘Snake Alley’ are a bit dodgy. I walked down one and it was lined with brothels…

So, be careful.

If we apply your meaning, most of Taiwan fits into your definition of “dodgy”. What I meant was that some of the goods being sold seemed to be a little “warm”… Do you understand?

Yes, I understand. I was just extending the description of the back alleys a bit. The one that I went down was wall-to-wall brothels quite blatantly displaying their wares.

Probably lots of fleas, or at the very least bed bugs. What a place.


thanks everyone for the hints.
esp mr bradman and fury-stick: thats sounds like real ones in fact, the flower market is all jade and the shop near kuting is quite a discovery (considering taipei). the snake alley indeed is quite dodgy, however i was happy to see those stolen phones, b-bugs and stuff whatsoever.
generally i believe that the taiwanese insist on brandnewness.
but then why do they leave on the sticky transparent foil on their stuff everytime?(anyone know what i mean?) they either maintain the state of being “new” or they actually intend to sell it …
i will check out the places and tell you more…