Where can I find a Soft Cervical Collar?

Has anyone seen any Soft Cervical Collars in Taipei?





Most hospitals, definitely the larger hospitals, have supply stores on the streets nearby with all kinds of medical devices.

If you have any potential apnea solutions, there are a few people here that would be interested including me.

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You can easily DIY one. Go to any large art supply store and buy soft foam that meets your comfort requirements and some buckles. Use a carpet knife to cut it into your preferred dimensions.

I don’t think OP is talking about these…

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Thank you. I searched YouTube and I thought this video was promising, but I’m daunted by the power tools he uses. I don’t have those nor the skills to use them, and this is what I would be paying to have done by simply getting a collar

My kind of OSA would be helped with a collar, but not everyone’s would

This should help me - kinda expensive though (plus shipping) I’ll look for something similar here

Cathay pacific hospital taipei has an entire ally behind it that sells these kind of medical equipment.

This is also the place to get drugs without prescription. As you can imagine, 20 pharmacies next to each other gets competitive. They will sell you almost anything besides for tightly controlled things like opiate and benzos.



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