Where can I find good Korean food? (not BBQ) (GTA)

I’ve eaten good Korean food at restaurants in the U.S., China and Japan, but so far no luck here in Taiwan. The places near Shida suck and I’m not interested in BBQ.

I long for some good bibimbop, kimchee chigae or kimchee bok hom (sp?) . I love Korean food and it’s one of the things I really miss when I’m in Taiwan. If anyone knows where to find good Korean food in Taipei, I’ll be eternally grateful! :slight_smile:

I had a Korean friend who always took me to a retaurant across the street from the park next to the Tianmu Baseball Stadium.
I’m no judge of Korean food, but I liked it.

According to the 4, 5 Koreans I know in Taipei, the closest thing to real Korean food in Taipei is served in… Shi-Da Road. :wink: The place is not far from Vino Vino and Rose House. (on the same side).

Their bibimbap aint bad.

there are one or two on xining south rd between neijiang and changsha streets in ximending.

My first post! after all of this lurking.

Ah Li Lang 阿里郎 (I think) next to 政大. The food is pretty authentic for Taiwan - plenty of Korean patrons - you get several bowls of different kimchee gratis and that barley tea. You’ll need them as service is via the single 老闆娘only so it can be slow during peak hours.


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As a long-term forumosan, I’m going to take the liberty to resurrect a thread that’s more than a decade old, in part because the question posed in this thread remains unanswered. Where is the good Korean food in Taipei (not including BBQ)?

For much of my stay in Taiwan, I would have simply said: there is some basic fare, but there is nothing I could unambiguously call “good.” Of course assertions of absence are notoriously tricky to demonstrate, so I’m happy to have recently been proved wrong.

The place that changed my mind is Sugar Pea, a popular spot off Anhe Road just south of Renai Road (address: 仁愛路四段300巷20弄16號1樓; phone: 02-2325-6188). The location is a bit tricky, so do take care to have the exact coordinates before attempting to find this place.

While it’s best known for its apparently stunning banana pancakes, Sugar Pea also serves bibimbap. The version I had yesterday was brightened, almost electrified, with some chopped shiso. The taste and quality of this dish blew out of the water any other Korean food I’ve tried in Taiwan. Kudos to chef Sandy Yoon for preparing and serving such outstanding food. I can’t wait to go back!


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Whoah … you dug up the thread with @Elegua’s de-lurking post in it. I’m not sure why that feels a little weird.

There used to be two decent, but not fantastic, Korean places near my home in Danshui. Alas, they’ve both closed over the past few months.

I’ll have to try Sugar Pea. Thanks for the recommendation.

I used to really like 濟州館 in Tianmu, at 台北市市東路132號 (here’s the Yelp link). That may even be the one @Richardm recommended thirteen years back (ha, his last visit to this site was 11 years ago … if he’s still using the same email, that notification may seem a little weird). I haven’t been to 濟州館 lately, but that’s just because I don’t go into Tianmu very often either.

Dubu House is pretty reliable.


If you’re tamsui, try this place run by some Korean friends. It’s very fresh and busan style Korean food.


Still wondering the same question 4 years later. Is there any authentic Korean place in Taipei? I really yearn for galbi jjim, cold noodles and authentic appetizer dishes…


Dodoli in the Yongkang St. neighborhood. I stopped going to all the other Korean places after discovering this place.


I enjoyed the bibimbap here. Cold buckwheat noodles are also good.

The banchan were good, stuff like chilli pickled radish, have not had those flavours in a while.

I complimented the owner on the authenticity of the food, and she replied, loosely, “er yeah dude, we’re actually Korean.”

02 2768 5338


I enjoyed the dolsot bibimbap here because rhe assortment of vegetables was more like what I had in Korea. The owners are Korean.
米食韓國餐廳 미식 MiShi
02 2708 1215


Wow, I just got a notification in my email that someone replied to my post from 2004. Out of all the things I ever posted on Forumosa, this is the thing that people keep coming back to?Thanks for the suggestions everyone! When I eventually make my way back to Taiwan I will check out some of these options for good Korean food.


I noticed that too. If you’re still in Taiwan, then congrats for making it this far! :rofl:


I left in August of 2009, but I’ll be back someday. Taiwan will always be near and dear to my heart.


Awesome! Taiwan has changed a lot since then—in almost all ways (not all) getting better. Do stop by again when you can.

Almost all of the Korean food here still sucks though! lol


Been here before, the owners are indeed Korean. Food was okay, but clearly catering to a more Taiwanese-clientele (of course). They take cash only, no card.

So true. My parents came here back in November before Covid hit and were absolutely miserable at the lack of good Korean food. You know most Koreans; they (I) pack their own ramen and vacuum picked kimchi whenever they (I) travel.

I just had their regularly bibimbap taken away (not the dolsot stone bowl version which would make more sense to eat in house).

It was a solid meal, not too heavy and not too light, with a pleasing balance of textures and flavours. The price (NT$190 for the beef version) was reasonable too. In fact I don’t want it to be cheaper, as I know what will happen then to the quality. This is a nice neighbourhood find!


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My husband and I both enjoyed it. It was funny when I spoke Chinese to keep seaweed out of hubby’s dish. I discovered the younger gentleman only spoke Korean and English. Never assume! We also liked the mix and balance of nice quality vegetables. They were welcoming and appreciated our compliments to the chef. I don’t think I could make that dish that well or at that price of $190.

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