Where can I find good therapists to help my communication-handicapped dad process abuse?

My dad’s newly in love with his criminally violent wife post-stroke. We can’t find good therapists to help him. Do you have any recommendations?

Prior to his stroke, his dr said my mom has multiple disorders and he knew she’s deranged. Post-stroke, he defends her criminal violence/abuse. We’re currently sorting her brain surgery and denial of any illness/wrongdoing. Occasionally, he agrees that she’s sick and needs help but still follows her every wish. When he doesn’t, she rages at him.

We brought him to his former psychiatrist but he struggles to communicate past basic sentences due to severe aphasia. Pre-stroke, he tried psychs at Adventist, Cheng Hsin, and various hospitals but they mostly offered meds and couldn’t help him. Some therapists, including highly recommended NTU therapists, believe my mom that she’s the victim despite video evidence and their kids stating otherwise.

Where can I find good Mandarin-speaking therapists experienced in Cluster B personality disorders/complex abuse that can help my dad process this years-long abuse and retrain his emotions/decision-making? Especially one who can work with my dad’s struggles to communicate? He can’t write or type.

I need a good therapist too who will work through stuff, but often nearly everyone in Taiwan does little than prescribe drugs.

But your dad needs to leave this abusive relationship. It’s her that needs fixing, not your dad, though your dad still needs therapy after leaving to process the hurt and trauma. But he has to make the decision, you can leave a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink it.

If anyone knows a good therapist that isn’t The Center, I like to know too. I’ve got a ton of emotional trauma to deal with as well, and a huge fear of rejection (it often sends me into a tail spin emotionally).

I’ve heard from several people that the therapists here are good and have reasonable hourly rates by Taipei standards. Certainly lower than the Center.

I think these people specialize in relationships and might be slightly more expensive but may have other things.

Also this place.

There are many others. Just search for 心理師 on Google.

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Does NHI pay for any of these, or do any of them accept NHI? This is important. I cannot afford therapy at normal rates.



Call or email

Second one:

地址: 台北市大安區青田街5巷16號
電話:(02)7749-5720 (接待櫃台)


Line ID : ntnucommunity

FB: 心田心理諮商所-臺師大社區諮商中心 | Taipei

My understanding is that NHI does not cover therapy. So I would expect that all of these will charge hourly rates etc. Googling around, it seems that NT$1,500 to $3,000 for one 50 minute session is pretty standard. NOt cheap but 50% of what would be charged in the US.

Cost might be a pretty big reason people with mental health issues don’t get professional help. I feel for @Taiwan_Luthiers. Loads of people that could benefit just don’t get help.

The cheapest way, albiet very long term, is start teaching kids a LOT more about critical thinking. Then things like sociology and such. It’s a recurring theme. I have no answers for the op original question, as what I have seen is also quite grim in our health care system. For pay places i would assume are better, but they are obviously WAY out of the realm of possibility for most of the population. Not even taking into account the shame/face culture issue.

We can, however, simultaneously start making future generations better. Loads of abuse are due to poor intelligence/maturity. Hard to trach old dogs new tricks. Easy to teach baby dogs new tricks. Not that we should abandon old dogs, but we absolutely should be improving the new dogs!!!

The center will offer therapy but they’re not much help. They charge on sliding scale. I got lots of issues with people hating me, and no therapists know what to do about it.

Right now I go to this place at sun yat sen memorial hall, and it’s ok, but i only get drugs, no workshop or ways how I can work through this issue of basically thinking everyone hates me or is going to hate me because of whatever.