Where can I find pita chips in Taipei?

Looking for something like Stacy’s pita chips in the US.

They didn’t have them at Carrefour and Costco.

Are those chips or pita? Many restaurants will do mail order pita. Just ask. If they are a chip (baked/deep fried?) Not so sure.

" Stacy’s Pita Chips Simply Naked 18 Ounce" Man oh man!

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I’ve never noticed them, but Jason’s or City Super are usually your best bet for less-common western snacks.

(Not a good bet, mind you, but best bet.)

Thats a lot of subliminal marketing for pita…

Didn’t find at Jason’s either :frowning:

Buy pitas at Florida bakery then brush with olive oil, cut into pieces, sprinkle with salt, and bake in the toaster oven.


I really need to start remembering to do this with the last one or two Florida pita shells in the bag before they get too old and I have to throw them out.

EDIT: hmm, does something similar work with flour tortillas? I’ve got the same issue with those, but worse.

I bet it would work with tortillas.

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That recipe is corn tortillas, not flour tortillas - but may still be worth a shot. Usually I find the flour tortillas don’t fry up or crisp as well.

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