Where can I find plywood, masonite, mdf

I have searched and came up empty. Where can I find plywood sheets, MDF, or masonite? I am looking for paint panels, and the canvases for sale here do not use cotton or linen. And the panels available in the art stores are a bit pricey. Is there a place where I can buy a sheet of plywood and have it cut to manageable sizes? Or MDF?

I guess B & Q is no longer in TW. Home Box and whatever is affiliated with HOLA have nothing to what I am looking for.

I could order a roll of cotton or linen canvas, but then stretcher bars become an issue. I am just going to prepare the panels and paint directly on them. I will not add canvas to them.

Last time I went into “B&Q” in Zhongli it looked the same, just with a different name? I didn’t pay attention to the building supplies section, but it didn’t seem like it was changed from when I went before and it was still called B&Q.


We have one of those in Hsinchu city. Its not a B & Q, but same website thing. I asked about sheets of plywood and I just got looked at. Maybe larger stores in Zhongli or Taoyuan.

I think I found a “lumber yard” in Taichung. I sent an email, see if I hear from them.

You won’t find MDF in Taiwan. It will just suck up moist and start molding before you can even finish saying Medium-Density Fibreboard.

I guess from your profile that you are in Zhubei. ZhenYu has some smaller pieces of thin plywood. They are at No. 147, Zhonghua Road in Zhubei City. They won’t cut to size, but they also have saws for sale :grin:

Otherwise just walk around Zhubei and you will eventually find a local a place that sells sheets of wood. The bigger they are, the more likely they will cut to size for you, but you will have to buy the entire sheet. If they don’t they you have to take the entire sheet home in one piece and that is 6 by 4 foot. Not recommendable.

If you really can’t succeed in finding anything then come to Daxi and we’ll go to my local wood seller.