Where can I find real and cheap soba noodles

Basically I want noodles not made with wheat. Cooking noodles is just so easy and now I rely so much o them. I’m trying to avoid gluten and wheat, and the only “soba noodles” that I found at the nearest Carrefour do have wheat flour.

Any ideas?

Soba noodles, where are they?

City Super or Breeze have lots of Japanese imports: I’d try looking there.

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Noodles to one side, a little something for you to consider about gluten

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You need Vietnamese shop, I used one in YongHe couple years ago they was good rice noodle. 4 different sizes really easy to use, soak for 30 mins basically ready to use.
Made me think I want some now.

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I’m going to (try to) stay away from it temporarily, for some specific and hopefully temporary reason. I do love gluten, bread, pizza and pasta.

If you could share the location it would be awesome. Today I’m going to prepare beef noodles with the crappy soba noodles I bought… which still have wheat.

[Edit both below are alternative gluten free suggestions - not soba]

冬粉, and 米粉, at PX Mart. One thing though, one or two local brands of 米粉 have wheat starch, so just check the ingredients. I’ve never seen wheat in mung bean noodles though.

Other thing about the Vietnamese import 河粉 at Indonesian shops, I’ve seen wheat starch in that one.

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At the PX Mart, or better to say at the ChengLien, I found only one brand and it has indeed wheat flour. But looks pretty brown to me so I guess I’ll use it until I find something better.

try this one I posted before
here:Natto (なっとう) and Plum (Ume 梅漬) Rolls (Sushi) - #5 by DKaoshuing

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Hmmm but that looks both expensive and already cooked??

You want quality and cheap?
Would you like a hongbao with that?

Simple things can be good quality and cheap.

There are a lot of commoditised products in Taiwan where any higher price you spend is essentially just on pretty packaging and marketing. I mean five spice peanuts for example, every brand of those taste the same. I could swear they are all made in one factory down south.

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I’m going to go there tomorrow, I’ll post location.
Also walk up Korea street to get to shop, huge selection of Korean noodles at good prices.

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That’s new to me.

Zhongxing St, Yonghe District, New Taipei City, 234
Dingxi mrt exit 1 turn left, continue to crossing turn left before you cross Korean shops bit further up on your left.

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It’s in Yonghe

Interesting. Will check it out… when I pass by Yonghe.