Where can I get a visa for Vietnam in Taipei?

Where can I get a visa for Vietnam?
I am planning to go to Vietnam via Singapore using budget airlines. I will be booking online so I cannot ask a travel agent to get one for me. Does Vietnam have an embassy or office here in Taipei that can help?

google …

taiwan + “vietnam visa”


[quote]Representative office of Vietnam on Economy & Culture in Taiwan
Add: 3F No. 65 Sung Chiang Road , Taipei , Taiwan
Tel: 251 66 626; Fax: 250 41 761
Consulate: 251 66 648; Fax: 251 66 625
Code: 00-886-2[/quote]

hotels-in-vietnam.com/hotels … tml#Taiwan[/quote]

Thanks. Now why didn’t I think of that!

you can still use a travel agent to get you one. I already had my ticket when I got a visa thru an agent. It cost’s slightly more tho I think.

My last one cost 1,300 NT through a travel agent.

A friend of mine just called me from an internet cafe, in a pretty agitated state. Google, it seems, is bloody stupid and there is no way to use it to find the address for the Vietnam visa office in Taiwan! :laughing:

Having read this thread previously, I was able to say "Hang on, it’s … " and read it out to him. As a result he now owes me a blowjob, which I am going to donate as a prize for the next Taiwan Animals quiz. :sunglasses:

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