Where can i get english gameboy advance games

where can i buy english gameboy and gameboy advanced games in taipei? :?:

i duno… how techncial you are… but id recommend getting a gba rom thing writer… basically its a programmer that connects to your pc… and lets you copy the games you download for free off the internet onto a black(re-writaable gba cart)… i forget the exact price… prolly around the cost of 2 or 3 gba games

Ressurecting an old post. I’m interested in this. Where can I get one? And blank carts?

You can buy a few at some game shops (like top floor of Nova), but they’re very much few and far between.

And the blank carts thing… I’m not sure where Taiwan stands with regard to the legality of backups of legally purchased games, but as far as downloading roms and flashing them; that’s a big no-no in legal terms and, to my mind, ethical terms too. I’ve got no problem with downloading roms for dead systems, but the GBA is certainly not dead.

True, GB isn’t dead yet, but somewhat paralysed. The GBA was fully compatable with all GB games new and old, but the new GB DS isn’t fully backwards compatable. For some reason it plays GBA games, but not the original games. It’s the old originals i’m interesting in romming.

Oh the GB’s dead, no doubt about that. And the reason the DS isn’t backward compatible with GB/GBC games is because it does GBA games the same was the GBA did GB - two different processors. Essentially the GBA had a GB built into it, and the DS has a GBA built into it, so for the DS to do all three it’d need three seperate processors, which would be a pain in the ass to do.

But what a wonderful machine it would be!
Thanks for the explanation. Now I feel educated.

Just hold on for the GBA’s real successor in a couple of years, when the Big Red N drop Game Boy Evolution. At least, so the rumors go. They’re already planning on their next-gen console, Revolution, being out sometime in 2006 IIRC, and rumors have it that the GBE will be tied in with Revolution, kinda like how they tried to get the whole GBA-link thing going with the GC, except designed from the ground-up to do it rather than with that functionality as an afterthought.

Do you know if there are any plans to update/grade the DS? Like before they released the GBA SP after everyone including myself had already shelled out for the regular GBA. The new one was smaller, had an internal light, new shape, same processors and generally kicked ass. I’ve got an SP now and i’ll keep it because it’s fully backwards compatable. So will Nintendo do it again? Will they release a slimmed down version of the DS, and possibly even bigger screens to compete with PSP? That would just be sweet awesomeness.

I doubt it. They’ve already made it clear repeatedly that they don’t see the PSP as a competitor, more as part of a parallel market - they’re aiming for different sectors of the market. Satoru Iwata (NOJ president) has already said Nintendo sees the PSP as selling itself on an aspect of the industry that’s due to start dying off (ie the OMG PRETTY GRAPHICS part). And while I could see the DS benefitting from a bit of a control redesign, there’s really not much else they could do with it that I can think of. And if they’ve got Evolution and Revolution due in a year or two, it wouldn’t make much sense to split their resources three ways, between those two and a DS redesign.

Woooah…How cool is this?

Introducing . . . Game Boy Micro!

Maybe not so cool?
This thing is tiiiiiiiiiiny!

I’d still get one. :slight_smile:

Shit, I know I’ll buy one.