Where can I get my laptop fixed in Taipei?

my laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 300, doesn’t charge properly anymore and I was wondering where I can go to get it fixed. If possible a place with good English speakers.
Thanks in advance!

I think the lack of reply is due to this question being asked a million times. Use the search function, but just as a friendly welcome. Go to guanghua technology plaza. There’s the old one or a newer syntrend building. The whole area is also just tech and computer stores. Make sure bargain the price and shop around so you dont get the “foreigners discount”

There’s a Lenovo service center. Google it for location.

In particular I think on the fifth floor of Guanghua there are places specializing in fixing old laptops. Ask someone downstairs and they’ll point you there. If you take the mammoth elevators up walk straight out past the 3d printer place, there’s one down a bit on the left side of that hall, a bit past the escalators.

Check with a different charger cord before doing anything.