Where can I look for red-plate bikes?

Hi there!

I’ll be able to take the big bike test soon and I’ve started looking for one, but 露天 and 拍賣 don’t seems to be very helpful (many of the bikes posted there cannot be transfered, don’t have any documents, 完稅 and things like that), so I’d like to ask if anybody knows any other place where I could look for a red-plate bike. Can someone recommend any dealer or garaje that sells second-hand bikes (red-plate ones)?

Today I went to a bike shop to see a BMW R-45 (although it’s a yellow-plate one) and they’re selling it for NT$ 280,000. The bike is in very good condition, but that’s still quite pricey (at least compared to the Spanish second-hand market). Initially I was looking for a K-75 (I like old stuff, as you may have noticed), but I guess it’s quite hard to find these bikes here (there are some, but way too expensive). Does anybody know any K-75 for sale?

I’d really appreciate any advice or suggestions :wink:


check yahoo bid… also look for Kawasaki dealers, they have shops in several cities and sell many other brands, not just Kawasaki…

Where in Taiwan are you. There is a few shops around in Taichung (Beitun District) close to daya road and wenhua road

I’ve already checked yahoo, but I haven’t been able to find something interesting yet :-(.

I’m in Taipei!

what is your budget? and what type of bike are you looking for?

You can go in Yanping North Road ,next to the river, not far from Yuanshan station. There are several motorbike shop;in particular at number 93, or 95 don’t remember exactly, there’s the shop where i bought my CPI 250. He has many motorbikes including red plate ones

I bought my bike from the user of this forum and spoke with my taiwanese motorcycle friends. This forum is where you can buy and sell motorcycle in Taiwan and people may help you to recommend or not seller motocity.com.tw/

Sorry for my late reply, I think I didn’t get notified :frowning:

As for the budget, I was thinking of NT$400,000 at most. I’m not really looking for a sport bike, I’d rather buy a naked or sport touring one, but I’m not sure whether they suit my budget or not.

Thanks a lot for suggesting that bike shop and the bikers forum! I’ll have a look to see if I can find something interesting :wink:

At your price range, you can get kawasaki er6f new or second hand. There is one shop between xindian and xindian district office mrt station that sells red-plates, laoban of the red-plates (they are located on the 2nd floor) speaks english.

Thanks a lot! I’ll go and have a look :wink:

I am also looking for a legal 2003/4/5 CBR/R1 sports bike and live in Taichung. Is there a larger Dealer here? there seem to be many small shops with just a few bikes,Ruten/Yahoo are difficult sites for me to navigate and understand fully! Any advice appreciated.

Perhaps at the bottom of a cliff, on route 9?