Where can I scan documents?

Need to scan documents to get PDFs.
Seems obvious but I can’t figure out where to go.
Is there a chain store that can do this?

You must be new to Taiwan. Welcome! First thing you need to know is you can do anything at 7-11 and FamilyMarts, including document scanning.

Look for the kiosk connected to the copier. You may need to ask the cashier to power on the copier for you first.

Once you’re done, the kiosk will spit out an invoice which you will use to pay at the cashier.


You can also use an app like vflat on your phone.


The camera app that came with my Samsung phone, when I point at a document flat on the table, asks me if i want to make a pdf. Very easy, just try your phone and save a trip to 711


Ya seen those, thought they were just for making copies for some reason. Can they make PDFs, and put it on a flashdrive?


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Nice, good option. Have you tried that app?
Does it look clear / profesional? Just worried about any blur.

alright sweet thanks

Yes, it works fine.

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If you have an Android phone there are several apps to scan to PDF, I use Microsoft ‘Lens’. Scans to PDF or JPEG and other formats. Straightens your page scanned from any angle. They even have an iPhone app.

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OneDrive phone app will do similar

Great, thanks everyone, I appreciate it

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I also recommend Microsoft Lens.

I recall that you can only scan 5 pages at a time at 7-11. Finally, I bought a B&W HP scanner from PC home which has saved me numerous trips down the stairs. 7-11 is great in a pinch but if you’re going to scan more docs, you’ll probably want a printer.
I really do like the 7-11 print feature via email or scan pdf to email. ibon@ibon.com.tw

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Do a scan using your phone.

If you need to make alterations or edits (like add a digital signature) to the document port the document from your phone to a touch-screen laptop and use adobe to affix your signature.

If you need to stitch/split/sort multiple documents together use PDF sam basic.

I’m a cheapskate and used these on a daily basis at no cost so you’re welcome. Also, they’re all ad-free with unlimited use.

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I found these scans didn’t work for business purposes. Amazon FBA rejected phone scans. I couldn’t tell the difference but I think some can.

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