Where can I sign up for Cable / Fibre broadband?


I am living in the Da An area,
want to get another faster internet connection other than the one my landlord has given (oh yea, and hence be able to muck around with the router settings too,
since landlord doesnt release password to the ISP)

Is fibre broadband available in Taipei? or only in certain buildings? How do I check?

I am looking for a symetrical up and download plan. upload is important to me too.

Where do I sign up for such plans


Hi blushoes,
Most of the buildings in Taipei can get cable connection or fiber. They usually use either FTTB or FTTC/FTTLA.

Many providers (CHT, Seednet, cablegiant, Kbro,…) got those offer. I do not recommend kbro (They throttle P2P…who says I cannot transfer in P2P legit stuff, which I do a lot!). I’m very happy with CHT (National provider) that provide good connection at decent price.

I’m on 100M/40M, using FTTB + VDSL2 to reach my home for 1199TWD (May be there’s cheaper now?)
I know they get some 100M/100M offer, but few buildings can get it, but most of them can have 50M/20M which is already quite good!
The easiest for you will be to go to a CHT shop and ask what is available for you

I’m a happy customer xD running my own server@home.