Where do I find a website to browse apartments near National Sun Yat-sen University?

Edit: A Chinese friend helped me find Taiwanese site. For any future searchers, here it is: rent.591.com.tw/.

The school hasn’t answered my emails so I’m not sure about whether I’ll be able to live on campus or not, and it’s really stressing me out. There’s a risk that they won’t let me live there and I want to be prepared by having looked at other options. Basically, I might need an apartment near NSYSU in Kaohsiung from August 28th for at least a year, but as of now I only want to browse since the possibility of me living on campus still is pretty big, just that they won’t tell me for some reason whether or not I can.

I saw the housing forum here on Forumosa but there wasn’t much to browse there.

You might also want to try:
sinyi.com.tw/ (Actually, that link won’t work. It’s S I N Y I . C O M . T W . But Forumosa doesn’t like it if you try to write 信 as “sin”, and so it automatically converts it to “xin”. Go figure.)

Thanks a lot! There was indeed some more rooms there!

hey…I live in kaohsiung and near NSYSU
if u need any help,just PM me ^^

What’s a good site for short-term rentals, 1-2 months?

Sometimes AirBnB hosts are ok with longer-term rentals. Maybe those hosts are folks who are listing a place that is their second home and are happy to simply get some extra cash from it. Anyway, it’s just a thought (especially since the site’s navigation will be in English).

Hey i want to rent an apartement for 8 ppl near NSYSU frim 1st of sept. Pls help me in finding an apt. The websites mentioned above are in chinese n i cnt read it. Pls help me

Welcome, newb @SWETHA.
I highly doubt you’ll find an apartment for 8 people around there unless it’s a 4-boardroom and you set 2 to a room.

Btw, are you planning on setting up a commune with that many arrivals?

Actually we are all from India and all have got admission in NSYSU. We would like to have a 4 bhk apt.

Yes.we do want to live together in a single apt.

Try www.tmm.org.tw It is a non profit.

Yep, finding a single house that big is going to be a challenge, but down south you might get one, even if it is in the middle of a farm, farmhouse or townhouse.

Up here in Taipei, there is a large community of Indian students close to NTU and NTUST. They even get to plant their own crops of herbs and spices!

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Can you help me finding one. I cannot read chinese. And i really want to find an apt for 8

Tsui Mama has English website and when you arrive, you can call, no biggie.

Most people just translate the ads using Google Chrome. But yes, you will need someone to make the appointments/go with you. That will be easily arranged through the school, a fellow student/assistant can go with you guys.

Please check our recommendations. Number one is DO NOT rent from abroad, sight unseen. Do not rent based on just the website look. So you should not have the place arranged befroe arrival. Stay in a temporary place of your choice through Airbnb or hostel/hotel. Then visit places.

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When you contact to Tsui Mama or anyone who would help you, they may need to know your budget and period of the rent. Available apt may be different for 3 months and 1 year.

Thank you so much for your help😊@Icon and @tando